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Uncertain future for Borneo

Every day we hear and read about another burned forest, another animal species being extinct, global warming taking a serious toll on all life and more. We ask ourselves whos fault is it? It is our fault. Mankind’s fault. The greed for more and more money and power are ruining our precious Planet. Let’s talk about the uncertain future of Borneo.

Take a look at the jungled of Borneo. Imagine yourself walking among the giant trees, seeing playful monkeys in the distance, hearing the happy chirping of birds and buzzing of insects. Imagine that everything there lives in harmony.
Now imagine bulldozers and cut trees on the ground. Dead animals burnt in fires. Which one is better? Do you like the legacy we leave?

Visit the Vet Society blog and browse some very scenic images of Borneo.



What we found


burned jungle

What we left…

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko cover image
Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko
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