Equine strangles is a very infectious disease that affects Equines and is characterized by forming abscesses in the lymphoid tissue of the upper respiratory tract. It is caused by Streptococcus equi equi. Highly contagious and with very high morbidity rates. Infected equines exhibit symptoms like mucopurulent nasal discharge, depression and submandibular lymphadenopathy. Older animals may cough and have a mild fever.

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute, AHT, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Intervacc have successfully developed a protein-based vaccine which protected more than 80% of the tested horses from this disease. The vaccine, Strangvac 4, is subjected to market authorization and is anticipated to be available for UK vets in 2020.

The developers of the vaccine note that the technology they used can be adapted to make a vaccine that will target many other diseases.

This is a huge breakthrough in the age-old battle against the most frequently diagnosed infectious diseases in horses in the world.

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