Vet Clinic of the Week: Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital

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  • Clinic Name: Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital 
  • Location: 6751 State Road St. Augustine FL 32092
  • Hours: 8:00am-5pm
  • Website:
  • Social Media:   
  • Services: Compassionate companion animal care 🙂

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Bartram Trail Vet Hospital

About the clinic

Dr. Krista Davis’s bio is below, but what’s missing is the real stuff. Like how deeply connected she is with animals and their care, how dedicated to trying to save every life she can, how incredible she is at mentoring and including her team, how funny she can be uplifting us on the worst of days, how supportive of us she is inside and outside of work, how much of a leader she is and inspires us to reach our own goals, I could go on furever because it is who she is that helps bring our team together as a whole for the St. Augustine community. 

Dr. Krista Davis graduated from Glasgow College of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland in 1995. Her undergraduate course work was completed at the University of Miami in south Florida. After graduation, she worked for 2 years in the south of Portugal while completing her exams to qualify in the U.S. Upon passing the exams, she worked for seven years at a small animal hospital in Florida. Her goal had always been to open a practice of her own, and in December of 2006, Bartram Trail Veterinary Hospital opened its doors. When Dr. Davis is not being a doctor, she spends time with her husband Antonio, and daughter Anna. She enjoys reading, going on nature walks, and working in the garden. Dr. Davis has 1 dog (Avery), 1 cat (Mango), and fish. Mellow, our first clinic cat, is spending his retirement at her home as well. 

We just celebrated our 15th anniversary. We plan to care to care for all the furbabies we can at the quality level of care we’d expect our own pets to be receiving for another 15 years.

About the staff

We currently have 22 pawesome team members.

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Volunteering and internships possibilities

We offer volunteering and internship possibilities.

Working pace

Roughly 20-40 patients per day between the four pawesome veterinarians and technicians. Most appointments with doctors run about 30 minutes.

Which events do you celebrate at your clinic?

We celebrate Vet Tech Week annually by celebrating the entire team. We usually have a team building event like escape rooms or painting with wine along with new scrubs and instruments, food food food there’s always so much food. We also celebrate World Veterinary Day too.

We love celebrating team pet birthdays, community days, and we have fun with all the silly national holiday days like today is “if pets had thumbs day” too.

Most common vet cases

Preventative care, wellness care, acute emergency triage, surgery spay, neuter, foreign body. Annual wellness exams and common problem exams are our top two.

What is the most remarkable case that came to your clinic, one that the whole staff remembers to this day?

How does one choose one? We’ve had so many. We did save a cat that had behavioral urinating and he ended up being a clinic cat named Dodge. He is like an added nurse here because he walks around the clinic making our patients feel calm while being a floofy goofball.

What do you, or the management team do to maintain a healthy work environment?

Lead by example and actually care about each other, our happiness, our work-life balance, our growth individually, make it known we stand up for each other not accepting vulgarity or abuse from clients, communicate and have opportunities for communication, include the team on hospital goals, and keep each other laughing in the midst of chaos.

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Do many of your clients take advantage of pet insurance?

Not enough of them, but some do.

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