Vet Clinic of the Week: Veterina NOE

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vet clinic of the week by I Love Veterinary

General Information about Veterina NOE

  • Clinic Name: Veterina NOE
  • Location: Domžale, Slovenia
  • Opening hours: 12
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Services: Veterinarian – small and exotic animals, Grooming, Pet Store

About the clinic

Founder was Nina Ambrož, DVM, 13 years ago, since then it has been sold twice, last time is to the current owner Urška Škufca, DVM. All we want to do is to serve animal health in the best way possible.

About the staff

Out staff counts 3 Veterinarians and 2 Veterinary Techs.

Volunteering and internships possibilities

We offer volunteering and internship possibilities.

Working pace

We see around 30 patients daily. 

Vet Clinic of the Week: Veterina NOE - I Love Veterinary

Which events do you celebrate at your clinic?

We celebrate Vet Tech Week with little treats for techs and online recognition. We also celebrate World Veterinary Day with a big clinic lunch and online recognition, the birthdays of the staff, we have a Christmas party, a New Year’s party and we love celebrating our Clinic’s birthday!

Most common vet cases

Mostly we have vaccinations, soft tissue surgeries, rodent dentistry…

What is the most remarkable case that came to your clinic, one that the whole staff remembers to this day?

We had a 12 year old dog come in for anuria – bladder full of stones. We had the stones successfully removed, it had a full recovery. But, after 10 days the dog came back for bloating – GDV. Successful surgery and full recovery of the elderly Chowchow, who is always happy to see us!

What do you, or the management team do to maintain a healthy work environment?

Regular shared lunches, picnic events, time off whenever needed if possible.

Do many of your clients take advantage of pet insurance?

Around 20% of our clients use pet insurance.

vet clinic of the week by I Love Veterinary

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