Vet Clinic of the Week: East Lake Veterinary Center

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vet clinic of the week by I Love Veterinary
  • Clinic Name: East Lake Veterinary Center
  • Location: Killeen, Texas
  • Opening hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Frid 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Wed 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sat 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Sun Closed
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  • Services: AAHA Accredited Hospital that offers Wellness/Preventative visits, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Radiographs, Microchipping, Sick appointments, Surgery, Dentals, Cage Free Boarding, Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, Fear Free Techniques.

Vet Clinic of the Week: East Lake Veterinary Center reception - I Love Veterinary

About East Lake Veterinary Center

Originally founded by Michael Joyner, DVM in 1981. Dr. Joyner retired in October 2019. Today, Dr. Stevens and Dr. Surber strive to deliver excellent care to our patients. Pet’s are our passion, and keeping them healthy is our priority.

About the staff

We currently employ a staff of 12.

Volunteering and internships possibilities

Pre-COVID we participated in programs for volunteering and internship opportunities including the local school district. This year we have opted out as a precaution. 

Working pace

On a regular day, we see on average 18-22 patients a day per doctor.

Vet Clinic of the Week: East Lake Veterinary Center workspace - I Love Veterinary

Which events do you celebrate at your clinic?

We celebrate Vet Tech Week by honoring the technicians and showing gratitude. We buy lunch, gift bags and participate in group activities such as crafting tie-dye shirts, gingerbread house contests, etc. We also like celebrating our staff’s birthdays, anniversaries, and a Christmas party every year. We also celebrate National Receptionists Day, AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day, and each AAHA Re-Accreditation that we receive.

Most common vet cases

Wellness (vaccine/ heartworm testing/intestinal parasite screenings, and prevention) exams, Spay/Neuter surgical procedures, Dental Cleaning with Radiographs, Heartworm Treatment, Mass Removal, Hit-By-Car, Dog Attacks, foreign body exploratory surgery, C-Sections, Acupuncture, among many other surgeries.

What is the most remarkable case that came to your clinic, one that the whole staff remembers to this day? 

We have many amazing success stories. Recently, a client scheduled an appointment for her pet that had been missing for 5 months after getting out. The patient made it back home after she was found and scanned for a microchip. The owner made sure her contact information was up to date. Microchips save lives! 

Vet Clinic of the Week: East Lake Veterinary Center practice - I Love Veterinary

What do you, or the management team do to maintain a healthy work environment?

Making sure the entire team has a great Work/Life balance. Not staying after clocking out, not spending too much time at the clinic versus going home. No drama or bullying is tolerated and open communication to ensure a healthy work environment and essential teamwork. We love to share jokes and make puns during the day to keep each other’s spirits up. 

Do many of your clients take advantage of pet insurance?

Yes, we have a lot of clients that use pet insurance. We send home Trupanion or PetsBest Day Offer Pet Insurance for new puppies/kittens/patients. 

vet clinic of the week by I Love Veterinary

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