Veterinary Dental X-Rays – Video by Dr. Brett Beckman

Veterinary dental x-rays are one of the essential tools when it comes to veterinary dentistry. Today, almost every veterinary clinic that deals with dental cleanings and teeth extractions is equipped with a veterinary dental x-ray machine.

In the video below, Dr. Brett Beckman, a certified veterinary dentist, will explain how to interpret a veterinary dental x-ray image. Watch the video and learn more.


Veterinary dentistry is a specialty in the veterinary medicine where the veterinarian has undergone a specialty education in the field of dental care for animals. This specialty is oriented to the prevention of oral diseases and diagnosis and treatment of occurring oral diseases and disorders.

Dr. Brett Beckman is a board certified veterinary dentist in the states of Orlando and Atlanta where he sees patients. Dr. Beckman is an ’87 graduate from the prestige College of Veterinary Medicine at the Mississippi State University.


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