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What is Veterinary Innovation Podcast about?

This podcast is hosted by technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov. In the Veterinary Innovation Podcast you can indulge the discussions which always feature industry leaders and innovators around the world talking about the challenges that they’re facing and suggesting the correct ways in addressing them. You can run across a variety of topics which range from cannabis use to industry burnout.

Their podcasts are always open to vets, innovators, veterinary nurses, owners of vet businesses or clinics, consolidators, and veterinary enthusiasts.veterinary innovation podcast

What is the value to the listeners?

The listeners will be hearing a variety of information of great value about new solutions and ideas, as well as ways and methods to the veterinary industry provided through engaging conversations with innovators in the aforementioned domains. The goal is to provide an array of information which can be of practical use and maybe inspire someone to pursue a different path to achieving the goals imagined.

About the founders

Dr. Ivan Zak

CEO, Veterinary Integration Solutions

Dr. Ivan “Zak” Zakharenkov is known for his multiple accreditations in veterinary medicine. As a postgraduate, he is known for working in 35 veterinary hospitals across Canada, and that’s where he got the inspiration to create Smart Flow, which is a first-in-the-industry workflow optimization system. Smart Flow has been acquired by Fortune 500 company IDEXX, where Dr.Ivan Zak became a General Manager of the Software division. After spending time in consulting over 500 practices around the world on how to get a successful workflow optimization, a decision was reached that the time has come for a new adventure which led him to Veterinary Integration Solutions – The first Veterinary Consolidator Operating Platform.

Shawn Wilkie

CEO, Talkatoo

Shawn Wilkie is a serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast who has the exquisite abilities to lead, perform excellent sales and simply get things done. Under his belt there are twenty years of experience in technological companies and he came out as a finalist for the Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award. When out of the podcasting world, you can see Shawn moving toward where the action is.  One of the important volunteering actions is that he is a firefighter and with the rest of his free time he enjoys avid travelling. 


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