1. “We are going to the vet!”
  2. When the morning coffee kicks in…
  3. When you bond too much with your patients
  4. When you finish with surgery and want to tease the tech
  5. When you are the new one at the clinic and everybody wants to know your story
  6. When the puppies from a C-section come for their first check up
  7. When you’re night shift and can’t wait to go home
  8. When you can’t wait for your shift to end
  9. When you are about to do your first solo surgery and feel confident
  10. When they ask you why veterinary medicine
  11. When your patients love you at the end of the day
  12. When the owners says “This Just Happened”
  13. When you go in for your shift and there are 100 patients waiting for you
  14. When you underestimate the patient