Veterinary Medical Organizers

Veterinary Medical Organizers

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Veterinary professionals can’t really be sure what the next case would bring and which instruments and equipment they will need. Some of the instruments are more frequently used than others so it’s always a good idea to have them close to you wherever you roam inside the private practice. Veterinary medical organizers offer convenience when storing and keeping handy yours most important medical devices and instruments. Let’s check few veterinary medical organizers that every veterinary professional is eager to have.

Prestige medical organizer


Prestige medical organizer features seven pockets, one tape loop, and two Velcro tabs and has a quick release buckle mechanism. The belt is 50 inches wide and the organizer is 8 x 8 ¼ inches. The product is very endurable but can be small for people that want to put a lot of things inside the Velcro pocket. The price for this medical organizer belt is $10.69.



2 Sided – 9 Pocket Organizer Utility Belt

Specially designed for veterinary nurses, this two-sided organizer utility belt has nine pockets, of which one is zippered and two are netted. The length of the belt is 37.4 inches, and the organizer is 6 x 8 inches in size. It can be worn on either of the sides; it doesn’t weigh too much and can be used both for medical equipment, as well as personal everyday items. The only issue with the product might be that the belt loosens over time. It can be yours for $17.98.



Nursing Belt Organizer 

The nursing belt organizer has been designed by nurses and you can choose between black, blue and pink, whatever suits your style the best. Featuring nine pockets, two tape loops and an elastic strap the belt organizer can be yours for $22.50. The dimensions of the organizer are 9 x 9 x 1 inches and the main con is that there are no slots for long items (ex. pens) and they have to be placed horizontally.




EMT/Paramedic/Nurses Set

This is a nurses and paramedic kit packed in a nylon pocket organizer containing Lister bandage scissors, shears scissors, hemostat clamp, reusable ID clip, and a high-intensity penlight. Maybe the organizer is smaller than most medical convenience organizers, but it does contain all the necessary gadgets a medical person needs. The set is really affordable and can b yours for $9.95. You can attach it on your belt using the belt loop on the back of the item.


Prestige Medical Deluxe Belt Loop Organizer

The medical organizer contains four pockets and where you can stash your most important everyday instruments. Besides the organizer, for the price of $18.97 you also get a pair of scissors, forceps, a penlight, and 3-color pen. The color of the medical organizer is purple and has a belt loop on the back side. Its light-weight of only 4 ounces will make you forget you are even carrying it with you.



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