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What is Vetster?

With the rise of the global pandemic, it seems tough to arrange for a veterinarian to visit your home or take your precious pet to a clinic. However, with Vetster, you can easily schedule an appointment online from the comfort of your couch.

So, what is Vetster? Vetster is an easy-to-use televet service. It offers pet parents 24/7 access to thousands of licensed vets through online booking and chat and video appointments.

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Why Trust Us?

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We assess the data according to our adherence to quality, health guidelines, the most recent scientific findings, and a straightforward inquiry: would we buy the goods or service if it weren’t for our jobs, and would we suggest it to relatives and friends?

Additionally, this review was thoroughly examined for accuracy by one or more members of our veterinary team, just like all other pet health-related information on this website.

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What are the Benefits of This Platform?

Compared to other pet telemedicine websites, Vetster offers a large selection of veterinarians who are accessible round-the-clock. Because of this, pet owners who cannot leave their homes to take their pets to the vet will find Vetster a convenient and simple-to-use resource. Here are some benefits of this platform:

Get Access to Thousands of Licensed Veterinarians

Vetster values the ability to choose. With this program, you can choose the best veterinarian for you, your pet’s species, and the advice or treatment you require. Their team thoroughly examines all veterinarian licenses before approval for the program. You can trust that Vetster’s veterinarians are the best!

Get Your Appointments on a Mouse Click

With Vetster, making an appointment is also quite simple and takes a few clicks. Choose the pet’s profile and click the “Book a Vet” button to make an appointment for your pet.

Just enter your location and hit search after making your choice. At this point, you will get a list with profiles of each veterinarian in your area from which you can select. Each healthcare professional will provide a list of their areas of expertise, fees, and open appointments.

Vetster will provide you with an estimate of the total cost, including tax and fees, when you choose a veterinarian and schedule an appointment for your pet. Before you click the “pay now” option and formally reserve your appointment, you must also describe the problem your pet is experiencing.

It’s important to note that you are always free to change your mind, cancel the appointment, or make any necessary revisions.

Faster Resolutions to Your Pet Problems

Of course, you must also consider how quickly you can receive assistance and care with online vet consultations. The last thing you want to do when your pet needs veterinary care and advice is to wait a long time for an appointment.

Getting a face-to-face consultation might be challenging at times. Online veterinarians allow you to schedule an appointment and receive a resolution much quicker.

Get Services Anywhere, Anytime

With Vetster’s mobile app, you can schedule an appointment without worrying whether you are at home, on the go, camping, or lounging around the cabin. The mobile app makes it simple for our homesteaders and remote animal carers to get in touch with a veterinarian when travel is not an option.

Far Less Stressful for Your Pet

The fact that it is significantly less stressful for your pet is another major advantage of seeing internet veterinarians. Most pet owners experience anxiety when they see their cherished pets in distress. However, being able to consult a veterinarian via an online platform makes things easier.

With this method, you can prevent anxiety while providing your pet with the necessary guidance and care. This is an alluring benefit that has increased the popularity of this approach to veterinary care.

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Prescriptions Shipped to Your Home

Thanks to Vetster’s VetsterRx Online Pharmacy (available in some regions), providing your pet with comprehensive care is now easier. If your Vetster veterinarian recommends medication during the consultation, VetsterRx makes it simple to order in-app and deliver it in as little as 2 business days to your desired location.

Cost Confidence

Nothing comes unexpected with the Vetster app. Clients are well aware of the full cost of their appointment thanks to transparent pricing.

What is Veterinary Telemedicine?

Veterinarians can provide pet owners access to high-quality veterinary advice via video chat through veterinary telemedicine. It enables you to experience tranquility in the comfort of your own home.

Telemedicine is a convenientoption to “see” your veterinarian anytime or at night.

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How Does Veterinary Telemedicine Work?

Services for veterinary telemedicine operate similarly to those for human telemedicine. Customers will ask for a visit and provide details about their animal’s health. The veterinarian arranges the appointment, and the two sides communicate digitally to discuss the animal’s treatment. 

The veterinarian makes treatment suggestions and sometimes even prescription advice during the visit.

The use of medical data transferred from one location to another through digital communications regarding a patient’s clinical health condition is veterinary telemedicine by the AVMA. A telemedicine consultation might take many different shapes. 

A phone call is the simplest form of telemedicine, but veterinarians can also employ software applications and other equipment to deliver more comprehensive care remotely. Most of the time, you require a laptop, tablet/iPad, or smartphone.

The AVMA emphasizes that veterinarians should only apply telemedicine in the context of an established veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), in which the doctor has already examined the animal physically. The AVMA recently published a paper on veterinary telemedicine that contains essential guidelines for putting it into practice at your clinic.

Services for veterinary telemedicine can strengthen customer bonds and increase sales. It’s always a good idea to have a second means to communicate with pet owners, especially if it’s digital and seems up to date with how patients are behaving right now.

Particularly millennials will value efficient digital encounters. They are one of the main factors influencing the expansion of the pet care industry; thus, telemedicine services like video call appointments and live online veterinary advice or chats may be well worth taking into account.

Allowing pet owners to plan veterinary visits more easily may increase their total “visitation” rate, which is healthier for veterinarians and animals. Most importantly, veterinary telemedicine may support your practice in times of calamity, like the pandemic currently ravaging the world.

Telemedicine services can play a crucial role in sustaining operations and delivering essential care when the country is self-quarantining and engaging in social distancing.

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Notable Product Features

Vetster provides a platform to connect to a licensed veterinarian via video call during an appointment. You can talk about the majority of behavioral or general health issues here.

With a Vetster appointment, vets can converse with you about your pet’s dietary requirements or end-of-life arrangements.

Your Vetster veterinarian may recommend you to a nearby animal hospital with better equipment to assist if your pet’s symptoms fall outside their scope of practice. Vetster’s veterinarians may offer treatment for a variety of common medical issues, such as

  • Ear, eyes, and skin infections
  • Urinary infections
  • Mobility issues
  • Consuming toxins
  • Behavioral change advice
  • Injury or trauma triage

Appointments start at $55 for a 30-minute video conference, but because every veterinarian sets their rates, you might have to cough up as much as $150. The typical cost varies based on where you are.

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In August 2021, Vetster launched a prescription service to go along with its telemedicine initiatives. VetsterRx rapidly fills common pet drugs and ships them to you after a prescription by Vetster veterinarians during calls.

Few televet services will receive care calls, prescribe meds, and send them to you; as a result, Vetster stands out from the competition with their one-stop shop.

Regulations, often known as VCPR (vet-client-patient-relationship) rules, establish standards of care and guarantee the security of animals.

VCPR requirements differ from state to state, but the majority call for a veterinarian to examine your pet in person before prescribing them. For televet services, this poses a challenging problem: how can you administer medication if you haven’t met the animal in person?

Fortunately, many states are beginning to see this problem and relax their VCPR regulations to allow veterinarians to visit animals over video calls. The number of states that currently use electronic VCPR is minimal because this reform has only recently started, but several states have seen telemedicine as a significant resource.

For areas where VCPR cannot be established remotely the only other circumstance in which you could get a prescription is if the veterinarian you see through Vetster is the same one you had previously visited for in-person treatment. Regardless of where you reside, VetsterRx will not let you order drugs or prohibited substances for your animal companion.

The decision to prescribe drugs via telemedicine ultimately rests with the individual vet. Check with your specific veterinarian before deciding whether or not to use VetsterRx for prescriptions.

If there is a comparable version for humans, VetsterRx can send prescriptions to a human pharmacy close to you if it is for an urgent need (such as dexamethasone for arthritis). Similarly, you can avoid the high price by faxing the prescription to Mixlab or Chewy’s pet pharmacy for shipping and processing.

Pet Connection

The Vetster Pet Connection program is a curated selection of articles about pet culture, company blogs, expert research, and industry viewpoints. It consists of articles on pet lifestyle, opinions, wellness, and a blog for vets.

In Which Countries and Regions Does Vetster Operate?

Currently, Vetster is authorized to conduct business in all US states, the United Kingdom, and the following Canadian provinces and territories:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Yukon

Other Useful Info

Getting Started With Vetster

You can either use a PC or mobile device to access Vetster. When starting, the app is a little more user-friendly than the desktop version. Before anything else, you must register with Vetster. Your name, email address, street address (to confirm your location), and phone number are essential (for appointment reminders).

Use one you can easily access since Vetster will use your email address and phone number to validate your account. You must complete a brief form about your pet after creating your account. Given that Vetster only allows you to create one pet profile at a time, you can repeat this process if you have several pets. This pet profile asks for the following:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Species
  • Weight
  • Spay/neuter status
  • Date of birth (month and year)
  • Pet image

You can upload up to five images of your pet, which you can switch between as necessary. You can schedule an appointment for your pet after you have at least one pet linked to your account. Depending on how you access the platform, you can start this in one of three ways:

  • List your plans and any worries about your pet, then use the website to identify veterinarians who have openings (on mobile).
  • Look for a veterinarian (on desktop).
  • Under any “Book an Appointment” button, locate a veterinarian (on both desktop and mobile).

You can schedule these video consultations for the same day with at least 30 minutes’ notice or up to six weeks ahead of time. With over a dozen different search filters, you may find the ideal veterinarian for your pet with the utmost ease. 

Each veterinarian and veterinary technician has a profile page where you may read more about them and make an appointment. These pages consist of the following:

  • Veterinarian’s name
  • Designation
  • Biography
  • Location
  • License
  • Language
  • Areas of expertise
  • Species they treat
  • Prescription capabilities
  • Consultation status
  • Rating/reviews from clients

Through this, you can read reviews of each veterinarian, get a sense of what other people think of them, and relax knowing that you’ll be speaking to a warm, knowledgeable, and helpful veterinarian when you call.

How Much Does Vetster Cost and Where to Buy

Vetster appointments start at $55 for an online appointment with qualified veterinarians and about $30 for consultations with technicians.

Visit the official website of Vetster to create a free account if you’re eager to learn more about what this company offers.

Vetster For Pet Owners

Vetster makes it simple for pet owners to locate, reserve, and pay for veterinary services via its online platform at Without worrying about transporting their animal, pet owners schedule convenient appointments for themselves and their pets.

  • 24/7 Treatment: Thanks to the platform’s thousands of veterinarians, pet owners can find care whenever they need it, including access to urgent care veterinarians who can evaluate their animals’ requirements before bringing them to an urgent care facility.
  • Budget Friendly: Pet parents can access top-notch veterinarian treatment for their animals, with appointments costing as little as $55.
  • Convenience for on-the-go communication: The Vetster mobile app for iOS and Android provides high-quality speech and audio, making it simple for pet owners to get in touch with a veterinarian wherever they are.
  • VesterRx app: Though available in selected regions, pet owners can order their prescriptions and deliver them to their houses using this app.

Vetster for Veterinarians

Veterinary professionals that consult with pet owners by phone or video conference through the Vetster program have legal protection thanks to $5M Professional Liability insurance. This implies that if a claim arises and your current professional liability insurance policy cannot provide the coverage you need, this policy will take action.

The Vetster policy will operate as an excess policy that will respond if your primary policy exceeds the limit if your professional liability coverage does respond. You receive the insurance at no additional expense, covering all of North America.

How are you protected?

  • If a pet owner files a claim against you, you are eligible for coverage. For instance, if the pet was accidentally harmed or killed due to your medical advice.
  • If another veterinarian makes a claim against you, you get entitled to coverage. For instance, if the management determines that the advice given to a pet in an earlier VCPR was insignificant.

What’s not covered?

  • Any malicious advice given on purpose to the pet owner.
  • Cases of practicing outside your area of expertise. As an illustration, consider a specialist diagnosing a medical issue or a veterinarian writing a medication in a state that doesn’t permit the creation of a VCPR solely through telemedicine.

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Can I Get a Prescription on Vetster?

Both federal and state laws regulate the right to prescribe practically. If both you and your pet live in a state that allows it or if you have seen a veterinarian in person for an examination within the previous year, they may prescribe medication for your pet. Please be aware that the veterinarian is not required to write a prescription.

Veterinarians can give you guidance and alternative solutions if a medication is either not legal or inappropriate in the given situation. PetMeds provides over-the-counter and all-purpose pet healthcare items, including diets, supplements, and shampoos that can improve your pet’s health.

Who are the Vetster Vet Professionals, and How are They Qualified?

Vetster has licensed veterinary practitioners who may be self-employed, own clinics or hospitals, work from home, or be independent. They hold a license, are in good standing and are authorities in their profession.

You can visit their profiles to read more about them, see what others say about them, and discover more about the animals they help.

Does Vetster Replace My In-Person Veterinary?

Virtual care is ideal for non-emergency pet health requirements, such as upset stomachs, behavioral changes, skin and ear problems, urine difficulties, mobility issues, and general inquiries. When you’re unsure what to do next, teletriage works well for it.

Your local veterinarian is your greatest bet for immediate care and support for your pet’s requirements, including vaccinations, operations, and bloodwork. Please locate the nearest veterinary emergency clinic if you think your pet is in danger.

Sick dog care

How Much Does a Vetster Appointment Cost?

On Vetster, any practicing veterinarian can set the fee they want to charge their clients. However, the standard starting price for an appointment is approximately $55.

What Gets Treated Via Vetster?

A veterinarian can essentially provide advice for any condition on Vetster. Pet parents frequently schedule appointments for their pets’ skin issues, such as rashes or minor cuts, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, and diarrhea.

Behavioral issues, such as aggression or litter box problems, nutritional advice, inquiries about new pet ownership, and general health and wellness issues, are solvable on this platform. To determine whether your pet needs a physical examination or if there is an emergency, veterinarians can also offer teletriage services.

What Cannot Get Treated on Vetster?

In some circumstances, a physical exam is necessary for diagnosing and prescribing. For diagnostic procedures, including blood tests, immunizations, cytology, ultrasounds, and x-rays, among other things, you will still require an in-person visit.

What Types of Medications Can Vetster Veterinarians Prescribe?

Similar to how they do so in clinics, veterinarians can prescribe a wide variety of commercial drugs through Vetster. This could involve treating pain, treating eye infections, treating skin rashes, treating skin parasites, and more. 

VetsterRx Online Pharmacy offers about 1,000 different drugs. You can fill prescriptions at a different pharmacy for any meds that VetsterRx Online Pharmacy does not carry. Need support? The vetster customer service team is happy to help.

Wrapping Things Up

When you can’t physically take your precious pet to the vet, you may still feel at ease using the on-demand telehealth service offered by Vetster. Vetster is a service that allows pet parents access to excellent online care for their animals anytime.

This telehealth service allows you to monitor your dog’s health from the convenience of your home and has access to the largest marketplace of licensed veterinary practitioners. A visit to an internet veterinarian may be more affordable than a needless trip to an emergency room.

Additionally, if your golden retriever experiences panic attacks every time they have to visit the vet, making an appointment with an online veterinarian will help. You won’t have to bother pleading with them to get in the car.

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