What Animals Have Sex For Pleasure?

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You are most likely wondering what animals have sex for pleasure? Right? Frequently, we assume that we’re the only animal species that not only have reproductive sex but also for fun.

Today, we’ll discuss animal sex fun and find out if and discover animals that have sex for pleasure.

Without further adieu, let’s unpack what animals feel pleasure when they mate.

Do Animals Have Sex For Fun?

YES, animals making love is something they enjoy!

what animals have sex for pleasure

While it’s true you can’t ask animals if they enjoy it, researchers have discovered animals orgasming and loving it.

You can tell what animals enjoy sex by observing their behavior and body language during the mating season.

Most sexually active animals enjoy sex when they least expect to reproduce–like during pregnancy. This clearly shows that animals not only have sex for reproduction but also for pleasure.

Are There Animals That Enjoy Same-Sex Encounters?

Just like the LGBTQIA+ communities in humans, certain animals enjoy homosexuality. Here are our top five animals that enjoy same-sex encounters:

Bottlenose Dolphins

Do dolphins have sex for pleasure? And do dolphins have dicks? Bottlenose dolphins are more comparable to humans and chimpanzees when it comes to emotional and social capabilities. In the bottlenose animal kingdom, both males and females exhibit same-sex encounter behaviors through oral sex–where one arouses the other with its muzzle.


When it comes to what animals mate for pleasure, Bonobos are right up there! Bonobos are considered some of the world’s most intelligent animals and are our closest human relatives.

They’re known for using love language to communicate and resolve issues with each other. Bonobos engage in an enormous amount of sex frequently, which includes same-sex behaviors among both genders.

African Lions

Same-sex pairing is common among African lions. A group comprising two to four lions often forms a coalition of lions that works together to court lionesses. They protect each other and repulse other alliances.

These wild animals strengthen their bonds by having sex with their male counterparts in what researchers call “bromance.” Cases of lions mounting their colleagues and engaging in behaviors reserved for opposite-sex couples are common and documented repeatedly.


Do animals feel pleasure when they mate? Well, the giraffe does! Over 90% of all sexual activities in giraffes involve same-sex encounters. Male giraffes are fond of engaging in behaviors previously thought to only be reserved for opposite-sex pairings, including hugs, full-body contact, neck massaging, and tongue kissing. 


Scientifically, domestic rams are among the most extensive animals that enjoy same-sex encounters. Research shows that about 8% of rams may form male-male pair bonds. These animals do not mate but act like a couple throughout their entire lives.

Which Animals Masturbate?

Do animals masturbate? They indeed do. Whether male or female, most animals engage in self-pleasuring activities to satisfy their sexual desires. Here are our top five solo players:


Do monkeys have sex for pleasure? Primates are the champions of masturbating in the animal kingdom. While the male primates use their hands to masturbate–just like humans, females have been observed using plant parts and sticks as makeshift dildos.


When it comes to elephants having sex, male elephants have long, S-shaped animal penises that can reach up to five inches in length. They’re known for rubbing their penises against any hard surface they find–including rocks, or striking their bellies repeatedly with their erected penises for pleasure.


Dolphins are known to be very sexually active animals. Both males and females engage in same-sex encounters–and so in masturbating too. Male dolphins rub their penises on anything while the females masturbate by massaging their genitals on the ocean’s sandy floor.


Masturbating has been documented in rodents too. During the mating season, rodents engage in self-pleasure just like other animals. Squirrels masturbate, by rubbing their genitals against their surroundings to pleasure themselves. 

two squirrels having sex in a tree


Though handless, Walrus too enjoy self-sex by rubbing their front flippers over the shaft of their penises or by sucking their penises.

Do Animals Have Oral Sex and Orgies?

Oral sex in animals is more common than you think. The primary animals that practice oral sex are primates, sheep, goats, and spotted hyenas. Other oral sex animals include female cheetahs and lionesses known for licking and rubbing the males’ genitals.

Group gratification, on the other hand, happens in most animals. In the cat family, lions have sex in turns with a lioness in heat several times a day. The same happens with monkeys and livestock. They are some animals that have the most sex.

A List of Animals That Have Sex For Pleasure

Here is our list of seven animals that have sex for pleasure:


Bonobos are known as the most sexually active creatures in the animal kingdom. These mammals engage in sex not only for pleasure but also to relieve tension, bond, and resolve conflicts. Both males and females participate in same-sex and opposite-sex encounters. 


Dolphins and bonobos share similarities with humans. Like Bonobos, Dolphins are sexually active and will use anything to pleasure themselves. The dolphin penis can hook, wrap, or swivel around anything when self-pleasuring. They’re known to engage actively in opposite and same-sex intercourse. Dolphins have also shown sexual lust in humans.

Sea Otters

Sexual pleasure in otters is evidenced by their numerous actions towards other species. Male sea otters are known for forcing sex on other species. In some bizarre instances, otters guard and have sex with the seals even after the death of their victims.

Killer Whales

Also known as Orcas, killer whales and dolphins have common similarities regarding the mating season. The world’s largest dolphins are polygamous species with multiple sex partners every mating season. These animals also participate in same-sex activities, and like their colleagues, killer whales enjoy masturbation.

Fur Seal

Fur seals have demonstrated extremely bizarre sexual behavior in the recent past. Researchers have captured fur seals trying to sexually assault penguins. In Marion Island, researchers observed multiple different occurrences of Antarctica fur seals coercing king penguins to sex. This study is published in the journal Polar Biology.


Cheetahs, too, find pleasure in sex. These world’s fastest animals have been documented engaging in sexual behaviors that include oral sex where females rub and lick the male’s genitals.

Spotted Hyenas

Spotted hyenas, especially the female ones, love sex a lot. The females are more dominant, aggressive, and muscular than the males. Spotted hyenas are among animals known to grace oral sex for excitement.

Do Animals Have Orgasims?

And do female animals orgasm? Both animals and birds experience orgasms, too–just like humans. Research done on female macaques has shown muscle contractions, vocalizations, and facial expressions that indicate they exhibit orgasms.

Orgasm in birds is evidenced in the male weaver bird. These birds have a clit-like genitalia which, if stimulated it produces an orgasm, hence sexual excitement.

Whether masturbation, group gratification, oral sex, same-sex, or opposite-sex encounters, animals engage in sexual behaviors not only for reproduction but also for pleasure. 

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