The Best Part of Veterinary Medicine – As told by our Community

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A veterinary clinic cannot operate without the help and support of each staff member: veterinary nurses, receptionists, veterinarians, animal care assistants, practice managers.

It is all about teamwork, respecting and valuing each role, and knowing that everyone is working towards the same purpose: the welfare and wellbeing of animals. 

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We, I love Veterinary, love hearing from everyone involved in the welfare of animals and the veterinary field. We admire every single one of you for your hard work!

We love creating great resources and providing you with a community where you feel supported and understood. 

This time we asked our community, “what is the best part of veterinary medicine and what do you like the most about your job?”. We collected some responses and designed this infographic for you! Here is your reminder to keep following your passion and to remember the good moments. 

What is the Best Part of Veterinary Medicine | I love veterinary

Hey, I’m a veterinary nurse! 

My favorite part of veterinary medicine is extracting rotting and decaying teeth, scaling chunks of dental calculus, talking with the owner about dental care, and knowing that the patient is going to feel so much better! 

Hey, I’m a receptionist! 

I love that I get to meet everyone when they come in the door and get to know their pets. 

Veterinarians and patients | I love veterinary

Hey, I’m a veterinarian! 

My favorite part of veterinary medicine is when I see sick animals regain their health with treatment and the efforts of all the staff! There is nothing compared to seeing a happy dog or cat seeing their owner again. 

Hey, I’m an animal care assistant!

The best part of working in a veterinary clinic is when I see a patient eating again. I love the feeling of coming in the morning to feed the animals and seeing an empty food bowl of a patient that was lethargic and with poor appetite.

Kittens in the basket at the veterinary clinic | I love veterinary

Hey, we’re the patients!

Our favorite part of veterinary medicine is that we receive the best veterinary care thanks to everyone involved in the veterinary field! 

We hope we can make you smile and think about a situation where you experienced any of those great moments!

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