When do we use antibiotics

When do we use antibiotics – Video by Dr. Brett Beckman

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In the video below, Dr. Brett Beckman will explain when do we use antibiotics with dental patients.

Veterinary dentistry is a specialty in veterinary medicine where the veterinarian has undergone a specialty education in the field of dental care for animals. This specialty is oriented to the prevention of oral diseases and diagnosis and treatment of occurring oral diseases and disorders.

Veterinary dentists are trained to perform endodontics(prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the dental pulp), maxillofacial and oral radiologymaxillofacial and oral surgery, prescribing medicine, orthodontics(dealing with ill-positioned teeth or jaws and their correction), pedodontics (or pediatric dentistry, most often cases of decidual teeth) and prosthodontics(or prosthetic dentistry).


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