WHY you should adopt your next pet?

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Every day we face the devastating truth that pets are being abandoned on the streets and in the animal shelters.
Every day, animal activists are trying to spread the word that these innocent animals should have forever homes and love through their entire lives. Instead of leaving them when times are not easy, instead of abandoning them when unplanned pregnancy happens, we should be responsible pet owners and educate the others.

Research before getting a pet. Choosing the pet according to your individual needs and abilities, your space and budget, and of course your time. Having a pet is a responsibility and it should not be taken lightly. Because people are having pets on the whim, millions of these pets end up in shelters.

Here below you can see some of the statistics from the shelters in the United States.
Next time when you decide that you are ready for a pet, regardless if dog or a cat, visit your local shelter and save a life 🙂

adopt infographic