Winter care for dogs

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Winter is the time of the year when dogs have tons of unused energy and can’t wait to goof around in the fresh snow. Well, it is our job to make sure they stay safe and protected while they play, In this infographic we will show you some of the basics of winter care for dogs.

winter care for dogs

  1. Jacket and Booties
    There is no shame in dressing your dog in a jacket and some booties if that means it will keep him or her warm and not get sick. Keeping the back and the belly dry and their paws dry is very important in the snowy winter time.
  2. Avoid the street salt
    When snow falls, there is salt on the streets to keep it from freezing. This is industrial grade salt that can very easily damage the gentle paws of your dog. Try to avoid walking in areas with salt.
  3. Trim the paws
    Dogs that have long fur between the toes on their paws are susceptible to forming snowballs between the toes. This can be very painful for your dog, so when the snow falls, trim the fur between their toes.
  4. Antifreeze alert
    Antifreeze is very dangerous for animals. It also has a sweet taste so they are very likely to lick it if they find it. Keep your antifreeze bottle on a top shelve and watch out for puddles on the street.
  5. Moisturize the paws
    When walking on the cold snow or ice, your dog’s paws can become very dry and cracked. This i very painful. Make sure to apply a specialized dog paw balm or a simple Vaseline on their paws before every walk on the snow.

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