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Working with dogs in health care

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) welcomed a protocol for implementing animals in the health care of humans. The protocol was constructed and launched by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and it is named “Working with dogs in health care settings”. They say that this protocol aims to encourage more hospitals to implement the animals into their therapy protocols. 640px Langley therapy dog I Love Veterinary - Blog for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Students

A recent study, conducted by the Royal College of Nursing, showed that 90% of all nurses believe that the presence of an animal can improve the health in patients suffering from depression and other various mental health issues, and 60% of the nurses believed that having animals around can speed the physical recovery time of the patient.

The vice president of the British Veterinary Association, Simon Doherty, says that this new protocol will highlight the importance of the human-animal bond and that having the “man’s best friend” around can relieve stress and improve wellbeing.

Care to read the entire article? Click HERE.

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