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World Environment Day – June 5

World Environment Day is celebrated all around the world on June 5th since 1974. This holiday was brought by the United Nations with the purpose of encouragement and raising awareness in order to protect the environment. With this campaign, the United Nations raise awareness on many emerging issues such as pollution (both land and marine), human overpopulation, sustainable consumption and global warming, and crimes against wildlife. More than 143 countries participate in this global event every year.

plastic pollutionThe holiday has a special theme each year, and the theme for 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The host nation this year is India.

How can you be a part of the celebration?

start recycling!
– stop using disposable plastic materials
– plastic needs a very long time to degrade. A regular plastic water bottle needs 450 years to degrade. Some types of plastic may need even 1000 years to degrade.
– everything that is not recycled is dumped in the oceans and it’s harming the precious marine animals.
– use your social media to reach out to people and raise awareness about this issue.
–  tell your friends, tell your family. Start recycling today.

Happy World Environment Day!

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