World Health Day – April 7th

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World Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April each year, and this year it marks the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization which was founded in 1948. This day is celebrated to provide everybody with awareness about health.

Looking after your health is crucial so people can be stronger and more stable to complete any task easily and quickly.

The Theme of World Health Day 2023

The theme of World Health Day this year is “Health for All.” And you can view more information on the WHO’s website. Here you can watch videos, check out this year’s campaign toolkit, and the key messages.

People should care about their health all over the world and should be aware of health activities to fulfill their tasks accurately without any health problems.

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People should get proper treatment and the best advice regarding their health from doctors, no matter where they live in the world. Every person should visit the doctor to get the best possible suggestions to focus on and maintain their body healthy.

Every year, on the same day, April 7th, the government, and the non-government organizations organize events to make the people participate and provide basic knowledge about health. The World Health Organization started the World Assembly of Health in Geneva in 1948. Many organizations, including the WHO commemorate the World Health Day and raise public awareness of the importance of health in life.

Moreover, World Health Day April 7th creates a possible awareness for people to make their health better to perform any work accurately. The World Health Organization does its best to fix the issue of health around the world and aims to control the people who suffer from various health issues. So, the WHO collaborates with many other organizations to provide individuals with all types of health facilities and services.

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It is of crucial importance that people gain a lot of knowledge about their health and get confident about good health results. The NGOs aim to make children and people aware and focus on their health issues and solve them with better treatment in their institutions.

Every year, during World Health Day on April 7th many people participate in the events and provide speeches on health topics, raise awareness, and spread the health news around the globe. Moreover, the organizations which take part in this celebration highlight all the activities, and spread the health news with the help of the media.

Likewise, there are plenty of debates taking place on World Health Day on April 7th. The debates are usually about health-related topics. There are also many award-winning essay writing competitions and art exhibitions.

World Health Day Throughout the Years

Let’s take a closer look at the World Health Day themes from previous years, including:

  • 2022: Our Planet, Our Health.
  • 2021: Building a Fairer, Healthier World.
  • 2020: Support Nurses and Midwives.
  • 2019: Universal Health Coverage.
  • 2018: Universal Health Coverage.
  • 2017: Let’s talk: Depression.
  • 2016: Grow up Strengthen Care, Enhance Surveillance, Prevention: Diabetes.
  • 2015: Safety of Food with 5 important keys.        
  • 2014: Disease of Vector-Borne.
  • 2013: Healthy Blood Pressure and also Healthy Heartbeat.
  • 2012: Good Health makes the better life of the people.
  • 2011: No Today’s Action then there will be No cure in future: Anti- Microbial Resistance.
  • 2010: Health and Cities make the Cities become Healthier.
  • 2009: Make Hospitals Safe for Emergencies.
  • 2008: Prevention of the Health from the Bad Effects of the Change in the Climate.
  • 2007: Security for the International Health.
  • 2006: Working for Health by coming together.
  • 2005: Make every Child and Mother Count.
  • 2004: Safety of the Road.
  • 2003: Change into a better future for life: For Children Healthy Environment.
  • 2002: Act for Health.
  • 2001: Health of Mental: Caring with daring, Stop Excluding.
  • 2000: Secure Blood starts with me.
  • 1999: The Active Aging makes a difference.
  • 1998: Motherhood Safety.
  • 1997: Evolution of the Infections Disease.
  • 1996: For Better Life, there are Healthy Cities.
  • 1995: Eradication of the Global Polio.
  • 1994: Health of Oral for a Healthy Life.

The World Health Organization, as a leading global health authority within the United Nations System, works within its 6-point agenda. In fact, it aims to promote development, strengthen the health systems, foster health security, enhances partnership, improves performance, and harness information, research and evidence.

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The WHO uses the anniversary of its founding day not only as an opportunity to celebrate the organization and its work but also as an opportunity to highlight a current global health priority. Hence, for each World Health Day, the World Health Organization designates a health challenge or theme.

The most important message of World Health Day is that people in good health are a valuable resource and should be valued.

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