World Veterinary Association Congress 2019

The 35th World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC2019) will take place in San Jose, Costa Rika. This veterinary congress is a great opportunity for veterinarians interested in excelling in different veterinary fields and get together with veterinary professionals from all over the Wolrd. This is the perfect opportunity to continue your veterinary education.

World Veterinary Association Congress The program is constructed to include 3 main veterinary areas: 1. Veterinary Public Health’; 2. Academia and Investigative Medicine; and 3. Clinical Veterinary Medicine. The program will include something for everyone, and that includes wildlife, exotic animals, small animals, equine veterinary medicine, biuatrics, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine and more.

On the plus side, you get to visit one of the prettiest places on Earth, and that is San Jose. San Jose is located in Costa Rica, a small but amazing country in Central America. Paradise on Earth. This is one of the fewest countries that does not have an army, and also holds 5% of the biodiversity on this Planet.

You need more convincing to visit the World Veterinary Association Congress 2019?

Visit their website and learn more how to apply: WVAC2019.


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