Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or a horse person, there’s one thing all animal lovers can agree, that veterinarians have a huge role in our and the lives of our pets. Even though showing how much you appreciate the fantastic work they do should be on a daily basis, there has been a special day created which acknowledges the veterinary profession.

Puppies at the vet for an examWorld Veterinary Day is an annual event which has been established to highlight and promote the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians all over the world. It is celebrated on the last Saturday of April every year and there is a different theme.

During the World Veterinary Day, a number of vet initiatives take place all over the world and each one of them aims to raise the awareness of the role veterinarians play while fighting for a much more sustainable future. In order to celebrate this day, a lot of activities which are organized, including seminars, events, and activities in veterinary schools and hospitals.

Every year, there is also a World Veterinary Day Award, which is given by the WVA and OIE. This Award is given to a member association which has provided the most successful contribution to the selected annual theme.


Here is everything there is to know about the World Veterinary Day 2019.

World Veterinary Day 2019

Kitten waiting to get a vaccineThis year, the event will happen on 27 April 2019. World Veterinary Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of all veterinarians to animal wellbeing and society. The theme of the World Veterinary Day 2019 is Value of Vaccination.

The theme is all about the importance of vaccination, as one of the most valuable tools in any veterinarian’s arsenal. Vaccines help in the protection of the health of animals and the livelihood of farmers.

Every WVA Member is invited to apply for the World Veterinary Day Award related to this theme. In order to have a more visible and more valuable Award, the WVA has partnered with HealthforAnimals. So, the WVA Member Association, which has undertaken activities related to the annual theme, will be honored.

So, if you want to apply for the World Veterinary Day Award, you will need to submit evidence of all activities which show your support of the value of vaccination. The activities might be as follows, recent research, educational seminars for the public, media campaigns, or local vaccine campaign.

Veterinarian doing an eye exam on a puppyThe good news is that the value of the World Veterinary Day Award has reached $2500. Hence, you can be the one association who can get these funds and use them in anything they want, such as supporting the community, rewarding the staff, or providing scholarships.

The World Veterinary Day Award is an excellent opportunity for your Association to show all your efforts and contributions to the global veterinary community. Plus, you will receive funds for everything you need, improve the visibility of the veterinary profession, and be honored at a ceremony which will take place in your country or at the 2020 WVA Congress.

So, hesitate no more, but submit all your achievements and contributions related to the 2019 theme. The deadline for all applications is 27th May 2019 and the applications received after the deadline will be not be considered for the World Veterinary Day Award.


How to Be Part of The World Veterinary Day 2019?

Dog waiting to be vaccinatedYou can celebrate the World Veterinary Day 2019 and show how much you appreciate your veterinarian. In fact, you can make this day a proper holiday and include your pet. So, you can take your dog for a walk, give your pets their favorite treats, and cuddle with them. Moreover, you can vaccinate your dog and show you appreciate the importance of vaccination.

You can also opt to give your veterinarian some gift or a simple ‘thank you’ card. They will appreciate your kind gesture and feel honored. You can also take some pictures with your pet and your vet and share them on your social media under the hashtags #WorldVeterinaryDay and #iloveveterinary. Check these hashtags to see how people celebrate the World Veterinary Day around the globe.


Use the World Veterinary Day 2019 to raise a paw, hoof or claw and say thank you to our veterinarians!


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