YOU KNOW YOU ARE A VET TECH WHEN – an infographic.

infographic i love veterinary YOU KNOW YOU ARE A VET TECH WHEN



* another tech asks if she smells like anal glands and you sniff her without hesitation
* you find dog nail clippings in your bra
* you get urine on you and it’s not the worst thing to have gotten on you that day
* abscesses are the best, but human children sneezing/coughing are a bit gross
* you don’t need to go to the gym, because all your lifting gets done at work
* you panic when you have to wear something other than scrubs to an event
* you get grossed out if you go to a restaurant and find a human hair in your food but don’t mind if you find a dog/cat hair in your food when you are eating lunch at work!
* the doc asks you if the dog’s butt still smells like anal glands, and you sniff the dog’s butt to be sure it’s clean
* the sign of any bump that looks remotely like it can be expressed easily anywhere on a dog excites you
* you get pulled over on your way home from work and have to explain to the nice officer that the used needles in your pocket do not indicate a drug addiction
* you’re pregnant and the thought of spaghetti makes you want to vomit but watching an abscess on a cow be drained is still satisfying
* You meet a dog at the dog park and check its teeth/ears/eyes…and nails of course


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