Natasha Boycheva

Internal Medicine
Small Animal Practice Management
Pet Owner Education


  • Six years working experience in small animal veterinary clinics
  • Recognition by being featured in several magazines and TV shows, where she shares her expertise.
  • Her commitment to spreading knowledge and promoting responsible pet care has earned her a place in the spotlight.
As a passionate advocate for responsible pet ownership, I'm driven to share valuable insights on veterinary medicine. My journey in the field has been both enriching and rewarding, and I'm excited to continue educating and empowering pet owners to provide the best care for their beloved companions. - Natasha Boycheva (DVM).


Natasha brings six years of hands-on experience working in small animal veterinary clinics to her writing. Her time in these clinics has provided her with invaluable real-world knowledge of veterinary practices, making her a trusted source for veterinary-related content. She combines her clinical experience with her writing skills to deliver accurate and informative articles to her readers. Her approach to writing is meticulous and research-driven. She begins by compiling a list of trusted websites and favorite veterinary authors. After thorough research on the desired subject, she selects five reliable sources and takes detailed notes. Using these notes and real-life examples from her clinic experiences, she crafts comprehensive articles that provide valuable insights to her readers


Natasha's qualifications extend beyond her clinical experience. She has pursued veterinary certifications from International seminars, such as EERVC, and has actively participated in local seminars focused on small animal practice and management. Additionally, she stays updated through webinars like those offered by Royal Canin. Her commitment to ongoing learning ensures that her writing is informed and up-to-date.

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