About Us

We are veterinary enthusiasts and we decided to develop this web page for the Veterinary community.
The goal of this website is to help, gather veterinary enthusiasts from all around the world and share useful information with fellow members. We try to impact veterinary medicine positively and be part of the growth and the development of the veterinary field. From every sale in our online store, we donate 5% to different veterinary and animal organizations.

Another part of our website, that is still in development phase, is our opportunities platform.

You will be able to register to our platform as an individual or as a organization.

As an organization you will be able to post about your current offers (jobs, practice, volunteering, studies) and search for potential new members to your organization.

As an individual you will be able to register and search for the most adequate option for yourself in the pool of organizations.

You will be able to read our blog about the latest news and some common information in the veterinary field.

In our shop you can find the most unique products in the veterinary field! You can buy for yourself, as a gift for a friend or if you want to make a customized bulk order for the whole clinic we will give you best price! With buying from our shop you are supporting us to upkeep this website and continue with the great work.

Our mission is to provide a place where people will be able to share information useful in the veterinary field.

We are NOT an official veterinary medicine organization. We are a community that offers to share information between the veterinary enthusiasts.