Dr Stavroula Tsovolou

Dr Stavroula Tsovolou

Veterinary medicine
Animal Welfare


  • BSC honours in Zoology
  • Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine
  • Working with zoo animals
  • Experience with precious species
"The majesty of our planet and its incredible biodiversity have always been my source of inspiration. From my early days as a zoologist to my current role as a veterinarian, my passion for wildlife and animals has driven me to constantly evolve and make a meaningful impact. I believe in the importance of preserving our planet's precious species and ensuring their well-being through knowledge, science, and compassion." - Stavroula Tsovolou (Zoologist & Veterinarian).


Roula's academic background reflects her unwavering commitment to her profession. She holds a master's degree in Veterinary Medicine, which has equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide top-notch care to animals. Her academic journey also includes a BSc Honours in Zoology, underscoring her deep-rooted fascination with the natural world and the diverse species that inhabit it.


Roula's career began with a strong focus on wildlife and zoo animals after her graduation from the University of Aberdeen. Her years of dedicated work in this field allowed her to gain valuable insights into the complexities of animal care and conservation. Additionally, Roula's commitment to understanding the planet's challenges led her to volunteer in various locations, providing her with a global perspective on the issues facing wildlife and ecosystems. As she evolved in her journey, Roula made the pivotal decision to become a veterinarian, driven by her love for animals and the desire to contribute even more significantly to their welfare. Her areas of expertise encompass neurology/orthopedics and bioengineering, showcasing her dedication to advancing the field of veterinary medicine.

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