8 Best Slow-Feeder Dog Bowls (For The Gulping Dog)

What is a Slow-Feeder Dog Bowl?

The best slow-feeder dog bowls are dog food bowls with obstructions built into them. These can be made in a lot of different materials, have many shapes, and may be placed on the floor or as raised slow feeder dog bowls. What they all have in common is that they help your best friend slow down a bit when eating – something a lot of dogs may benefit from every now and then! 

best slow-feeder dog bowl

Who doesn’t love food? Most dogs definitely do! But, sometimes our furry friends may enjoy the food a little too much – or maybe just a little too fast. If your dog is eating their food like it was the last food they would ever receive, a slow feeder dog bowl may be the thing for you! 

We here at I Love Veterinary prefer the Pecute Dog Bowl as this will do a wonderful job of slowing down your dog’s food frenzy by making it eat around obstacles and move the food around. But, it will also contain any food that might be pushed out of the bowl, keeping your home tidy AND the water in the water bowl from staining your floors – what’s not to love?  

Why Does My Dog Eat so Fast?

Some dogs don’t care much for food, but most of them love to enjoy a good meal – with some dogs even wolfing the food down too fast! Dogs may be fast eaters for a lot of reasons. Some breeds just really love their food – looking at you Labradors – but there may be other reasons as well for your dog eating faster than a starved teenage boy. 

Competition time 

Do you have more than one dog in the household? Then maybe your dog is inhaling its food due to feeling the “competition” from the other dogs. Dogs are pack animals, but that doesn’t mean they are always happy to share, especially not when it comes to their food. 

If your dog is eating too fast due to other dogs present, it is a good idea to feed them in separate rooms. Dogs feeling pressured or stressed during mealtime are also far more likely to act aggressively towards other dogs. So try moving the dog food bowl to a different room. If it causes your dog to slow down a bit, it’s definitely worth making this the new normal! 

The dog food 

Dog food isn’t just dog food, as every veterinary nutritionist will be able to tell you. If you’re feeding your dog some food with a high-calorie count but few fibers, it might cause your dog to eat too much and too fast. Try switching to dog food with a high fiber count and fewer calories – this might help keep your dog fuller for longer and slow down a bit. 


Are you feeding your dog enough? It is never good for dogs to be overweight, and it is imperative not to feed your dog too much. Very few dogs can handle ad libitum feeding! But, likewise, it shouldn’t be provided too little as this can also cause health issues and cause your dog to eat way too fast. 

Ensure you’re feeding your dogs enough by checking the feeding recommendations for your specific dog food brand. You should also keep in mind how much your dog is doing every day. The daily feeding recommendations are based on an average dog. However, if you run five miles every day, your dog may need quite a bit more to feel full. 

If you are in any way in doubt about how much, or perhaps what type, of dog food you should be giving your dog, you can always contact your veterinarian and have a chat about making sure your dog is getting all it needs. 


You should also be aware that some diseases and health conditions could cause your dog to feel hungrier. For example, Cushing’s disease can cause increased appetite in dogs suffering from this condition. If your dog is quite suddenly eating a lot more or faster, it might be worth giving your veterinarian a call. 

Some drugs may also cause increased appetite. Medication like Prednisolone can increase appetite – and thirst, but your veterinarian should inform you of this before starting the treatment. Lastly, neutralizing your dog may also increase its appetite – keep this in mind when bringing your dog home after the operation or injection!  

However, suppose none of those mentioned above scenarios is something you recognize. In that case, it may just be as simple as your dog really loving food – and it has turned into a behavioral trait! In these cases, a slow-feeder dog bowl may be the very best thing for you and your food-loving friend. So take a read below and see the best slow-feeder dog bowls out there!

At a Glance: The Best Slow Feeder Dog-Bowls

RankProduct Best Feature Best For Our Rating
1Pecute Dog BowlThree-in-one slow-feeder bowl, silicone mat, and dog bowlOur Favourite!5 out of 5 stars for being useful in slowing your dog down, keeping it tidy, and made from safe and durable materials.
2IOKHEIRA Slow Feeder Dog BowlsThe big suction cup keeps the bowl in place no matter what.The Dog Who Loves Flipping its Bowl!4.8 out of 5 stars for slowing any dog down while keeping everything in place no matter what! 
Only losing 0.2 stars for not being able to hold a lot of food. 
3Pet Slow Feeder Interactive Dog BowlInteractive slow-feeder to entertain your dogThe Clever Ones!4.5 out of 5 stars for entertaining while slowing down. 
Losing 0.5 stars for possible risk of toppling over.
4JASGOOD Slow Feeder Dog BowlSwirls to encourage foraging – and slowing down.Puppies!4 out of 5 stars for being helpful as both food- and water bowl and made from great materials. 
5UPSKY Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Allows flat-nosed dogs to access all the food – but not too fast!The Flat-Nosed dogs!4 out of 5 stars for being beneficial for brachycephalic dogs. 
6Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow BowlA variety of different slow-feeding bowlsVariety! 4 out of 5 stars for being made from sturdy and non-toxic materials and doing its job of slowing feeding time down. 
7Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed BowlA slow-feeder bowl even the biggest dogs can enjoy – in a very durable material.The Big Dogs!3.8 out of 5 stars for being simple, durable, and useful for larger dogs. 
Losing 1.2 stars for being easily toppled over or moved around if you don’t have an elevated feeder. 
8NOYAL Dog Slow Feeder Bowl A small slow-feeder bowl, perfect for the small and medium dogsThe Small Dogs!3.5 out of 5 stars for being useful for both small dogs and even cats. 

Our Favorite Picks of Slow-feeder Dog Bowls

Pecute Dog Bowl

Best overall! 

Our rating 5 out of 5 stars 

Here’s a cleverly designed three in one solution for your dog. The slow-feeder dog bowl will slow your dog down when eating by up to 5 times with different shaped obstacles in the bowl. But, being placed on a pad will also keep water and food from scattering all over the ground. It is primarily suitable for medium and small pets, but even the flat-nosed breeds should enjoy this.


The slow feeder dog bowl is made from non-toxic polypropylene, the water bowl is stainless steel, and the mat is food-grade silicone. The combined weight is 472g, making it difficult to flip over – also helped by the silicone pad keeping it all safely grounded. A medium bowl is 5.5×1.6 Inches and can fit up to 13 ounces of food in it! 


  • Made from food-grade silicone and stainless steel!
  • The anti-slip silicone pad will keep the bowls safely in place throughout dinner time!


  • 3-in-1 with one overflow pad, one slow feeder bowl, and one regular pet bowl! 
  • It comes in two different sizes, medium and large


How easy is it to clean? 

Both the slow-feeder dog bowl and the stainless steel water bowl can be removed and dishwasher-washed separately. The silicone pad can also go into the dishwasher in theory, but many may struggle to fit in. 

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Bowl

Best for variety!

If your dog is a fast eater, this slow-feeder dog bowl is perfect for you as this bowl will slow down even the most excited dog out there up to 10 times! It comes in multiple sizes, meaning it is suitable for almost all types of dogs and snouts by “hiding” the food inside ridges and mazes at the bottom. Some dogs with very broad or flat noses may struggle a little, though! 


This bowl comes in the sizes medium/mini and large/regular. It weighs 0.25 kilograms and is 9.5x8x2.6 inches (when medium-sized). It is made from polypropylene material, featuring a slip-resistant base to prevent your dog from just flipping it over, and is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe! This is a good idea, as the bowl can get a bit gross from being licked a lot. 


  • BPA free, PVC, Lead & Phthalate free 
  • It comes in a variety of styles and colors


  • A medium can hold up to two cups of dry kibble 
  • It can be used for both dry, wet, and raw food 


I have a Boston Terrier. Does this feeder work for brachycephalic breeds (pushed in snout)?

Some dogs with very flat faces that aren’t very big may struggle with getting to the food in the bottom of the slow-feeder bowl, as the ridges are pretty high. So make sure to keep an eye out for whether your dogs can actually access the food!

NOYAL Dog Slow Feeder Bowl 

Best for Small Dogs!

This slow feeder bowl is made for encouraging your dogs’ healthy eating habits by reducing the risk of choking and indigestion when eating too fast, by making feeding time fun and mentally challenging! This slow feeder dog bowl is one-sized, making it primarily suitable for small and medium dogs – and some cats, if you have a hungry one of those as well! 


This slow feeder dog bowl is made of food-grade plastic material and comes in one size, 8x8x1.9 inches, while weighing 10.86 ounces. Making it slightly on the smaller side, but therefore perfect for smaller and medium dogs! It is also dishwasher-proof, which is always a bonus when it comes to dog bowls. 


  • Non-slip feature on the bottom to keep it from sliding around 
  • Even after your dog may have figured it out, it will still prevent it from wolfing down the food


  • Can hold up to 1 ½ cups of dry dog food 
  • It can be used for dry and wet food 


Would this bowl be suitable for a puppy?

Absolutely! Even tiny puppies can learn healthy eating habits by using this bowl, and as it is made from human food-grade plastics, there are no chemicals to worry about – it is BPA-free!

JASGOOD Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Best for puppies!

This anti-choking bowl has a unique jungle design to help your dog slow down while eating! If a dog usually chokes down their food in less than five minutes, this bowl will turn it into twenty minutes by encouraging foraging and finding the “hidden” food in the bowl! 

This slow feeder bowl comes in only one size and is best for puppies and small/medium dogs, as some big dogs may struggle to access the food hiding in the swirls, causing them to get frustrated.


This dog-feeder slow bowl is made from ECO-friendly, food-safe, high strength ABS materials (plastic), with smooth edges to ensure your best friend’s tongue is never scratched. It is 7.8 inches in diameter and 1.85 inches tall while being dishwasher-proof and easy to clean. It also has a broad base to ensure it stays in place, although it can be done by a persistent dog!


  • It has five small rubber feet on the base that helps to keep it from being knocked over
  • Lead and Phthalate free and in a safe and recyclable material 


  • Can hold up to 1 ½ cups of dry dog food 
  • It can be used as a water bowl to avoid water splashing all over your floors


How heavy is this dog bowl? My dog keeps flipping over the one we have. 

This slow feeder dog bowl weighs 202g. It may slide on slippery floors, especially if your dog is big or strong, but it shouldn’t be flipped due to the rubber feet underneath. 

UPSKY Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 

Best for Flat-Nosed Dogs!

This dog bowl has raised parts in the middle that should effectively slow down eating speed. The gaps are not too narrow, nor are the raised areas too high, but will simply separate the food for slowing your dog’s eating time by up to 20 minutes! The design means all types of dogs should be able to access the food, but some small dogs may also be able to “ignore” the obstacles and still eat too fast! 


The bowl is made from PP resin, which is food-safe and non-toxic! It is light, weighing only 6.4 ounces, which means that, of course, it can be flipped by a determined dog. However, the non-slip design underneath should keep it from moving around too much – even when your dog is pushing it around! It comes in one size and is 7×7.5×1.5 Inches big. 

Two Benefits 

  • Made from PP resin, meaning it isn’t toxic if your dog chews the bowl itself. (Although we don’t recommend it). 
  • The PP coating also means that the dog bowl is easy to clean!

Two Features 

  • Can hold up to 2 cups of dry dog food
  • Light and exquisite, saving material and space 


How does this work for dogs with flat noses? 

Even flat-nosed dogs should be able to access the food quickly with this slow-feeder dog bowl. 

Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed Bowl

Best for Large Dogs!

Here’s a slow-feeder dog bowl for the bigger dogs as well! It can hold enough food for many medium and large dogs while slowing them down to prevent choking, vomiting, and bloating! The bowl has one big raised platform in the middle. This means the dog won’t have the excitement of “searching” for the food, but it will definitely be enough to slow down bigger dogs. 

Be aware that smaller dogs may not benefit from it as they can easily fit their small noses into the gap that is 1.75 Inches, and flat-nosed dogs may not reach the food in the bottom, as it is pretty deep. 


Here’s a dog bowl that will last you through the decades. Its stainless steel design is almost indestructible, dishwasher safe, and this one can even fit into virtually all elevated feeders. The bowl is 8 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches deep in a large size, weighing 0.6 pounds. A smaller version can also be bought, which fits only 1 cup of dry food. 

Two Benefits 

  • It can hold up to 4 cups of dry dog food! 
  • Can fit most elevated feeders 

Two Features 

  • Very durable – impossible to chew
  • Very easy to clean 


Is this dog bowl anti-slip? 

This bowl has no anti-slip feature, meaning it can be toppled over relatively easily by a persistent dog. However, when fitted into an elevated feeder, it should stay firmly in place at all times!

IOKHEIRA Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Best for The Dog Who Loves Flipping its Bowl! 

Here’s a slow-feeder bowl with a honeycomb design recommended by veterinarians to help slow down your friend by up to 10 times! This clever bowl comes with a large suction cup underneath to keep it in place at all times and can be used for almost all types and sizes of dogs. Just keep an eye on the small ones, as they may not be slowed down too much. 


This dog bowl is made from super silicone rubber, which is non-toxic, BPA- and Phthalate-free. Despite being rubber, it is easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher. It only comes in blue, but can be bought either as small or large. The large one being 8.3×2.1 x 1.4 Inches big – to fit enough food for most sizes of dogs!


  • Microwave safe
  • It can be used for all types of dogs 


  • Can hold up to 1 cup of dry dog food. 
  • Large suction cup underneath! 


Will this dog slow-feeder bowl move around and cause a mess? 

No, the biggest bonus with this bowl is that it is nearly impossible to flip, move or drag away – unless you have thumbs to help you! Even strong dogs like Huskies find it almost impossible. 

Pet Slow Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl

Best for The Clever Dog!

Is your dog not only eating too fast but is also easily bored? Then this might be the best slow feeder dog bowl for you. Your dog will need to turn the slow feeder to access the food, and the food will then drop into the slow-feeder bowls below. For an exciting and interactive game – that will significantly slow your dog down! 

This puzzle slow feeder bowl can be used for both cats and dogs of almost all sizes, making it perfect for multiple pets households – just remember to feed them separately then. Just remember that not all dogs (especially cats) will want to work it out – so make sure your dog is getting all its food anyways. Also, this type of feeder is not made for wet food!


The slow feeder bowl is made from hard plastic that won’t easily break. However, you should keep an eye on your dog the first few times when using this slow feeder, as some dogs may get frustrated and try and chew their way through the turning feeder! 

The feeder has an adjustable height of 7.1-10.6 Inches, and the bowls are 11.42×4.72×9.06 Inches wide. It weighs 2.15 pounds and has non-slippery bottom features, meaning most dogs should find it difficult to topple, despite the height!


  • It can fit up to 2 cups of dry dog food
  • It can be used for almost all sizes 


  • Highly durable
  • Mentally stimulates your dog – while slowing it down! 


Is it dishwasher safe? 

No, this toy and bowl are not dishwasher safe; it is, however, straightforward to clean! 

I Love Veterinary Online Shopping Guide to the Best Slow-Feeder Dog Bowls

If your dog is gulping its food down, it might be time to get it a slow-feeder dog bowl to help it slow down a bit! When buying one, it is a good idea to look out for these things. 

Your type of dog 

How big is it? How flat is its nose? Is it strong? There are many questions to ask yourself before deciding on what slow-feeder bowl to get your dogs. A flat-nosed breed will need a different bowl than a dog with a longer and slimmer snout. Just like a big dog will need another bowl compared to a tiny dog. 


Do you mind a bit of cleaning up after dinner time, or do you prefer your dog bowls to be spillproof? Some dogs who tend to gulp their food down might also be more likely to make a mess. If you have a dog that quickly “cleans up” after itself by eating all the dry kibbles, it might not be an issue, but if your dog leaves a mess behind, spill-proof dog bowls might be the way to go! 

Wet or Dry 

All of our above slow-feeder dog bowls, except one, can be used for both dry and wet food. But, it is, of course, still useful to have a look at the bowl. Slow feeder bowls with many mazes and patterns are more likely to have wet food stuck in the corners that your dog won’t be able to access. On the other hand, dry food may be more likely to fall out of the bowl. Keep it in mind! 

Ease of cleaning 

When your dog is using a slow-feeder bowl, it is likely to be using its tongue a lot to dig out any kibble or wet food that might be hiding. That means these bowls quickly become dirty and in need of a good cleaning. In that case, it is often preferable to choose a dog bowl that can be dishwasher washed – and is easy to clean! 

Also, remember that no matter what type of dog bowl you have at home, it should be cleaned at least three times a week to ensure too much bacteria doesn’t start accumulating there! 


Dogs (almost all of them, at least) love to be challenged by puzzles and toys! If you have a high-energy dog breed that needs a lot of mental stimulation, choosing a slow dog feeder that keeps them entertained might be the perfect choice for you. Personally, my clever poodle absolutely loves the Pet Slow Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl

A Recap of our results

In the end, you need to choose the best slow feeder dog bowl that suits you and your dog’s needs! We here at I Love Veterinary prefer the Pecute Dog Bowl because of its clever multi-purpose design, durable materials, and ability to slow down fast-eating dogs – and the fact that it can easily be separated and cleaned!