DrillCover Hex – The best friend for every Veterinarian Getting Started in Orthopedic Surgery

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Are you a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon that is just starting your own practice? Or maybe you are constantly on the road doing surgeries and need easily transportable equipment?

We have heard it thousands of times from our colleagues, that it is really hard to find the right tools for orthopedic surgery, to be good quality, transportable, sterile and in the budget.

If you are looking for something that fits this description, the DrillCover Hex tool might be the right choice for you!

DrillCover Hex medical tools for orthopedic surgery

Wonder why we call it the best friend for every Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon?

Well, let me ask you few questions first.

  • Have you ever been called out to do an orthopedic surgery on a remote location? Bringing your robust drilling tool that is nicely set up in your clinic, wasn’t an option, was it?
  • Are you still using manual tools for doing surgery? If yes, then it is probably the high time to transition to more sophisticated solutions.
  • Are you just starting your own practice as a veterinary orthopedic surgeon and you are looking for a cost saving solution for medical tools?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you should read on about the DrillCover Hex.

We call it the “best friend” because it will help anyone who recognizes themselves in the above-mentioned. It is lightweight and transportable, amazing option for transferring away from manual tools, and cost friendly.

DrillCover Hex medical tools for orthopedic surgery

DrillCover Hex – How is it different from other drill tools?

First of all, the DrillCover Hex is not just like any other drilling orthopedic tool.

It is a power tool combined with a cover that gives the power and confidence to veterinary surgeons to easily perform sterile surgery. The carefully selected drill matches the speed, torque and ergonomics of an ordinary surgical drill. The DrillCover Hex gives you the comfort of knowing you have the power of a stationary surgical drill that you are familiar with, with the ability to travel with this incredible tool at your fingertips.The DrillCover Systems Family is listed as a Class I device with the US FDA, and is licensed as a Class II medical device by Health Canada. No matter where you are needed for your orthopedic skills, you have absolute power and sterility on your side with the DrillCover Hex.

How will the DrillCover Hex benefit your clinic?

When you purchase this product, you become a part of the incredible DrillCover Technology. When the reusable liquid and pathogen proof fabric cover joins forces with a robust and powerful hardware tool, you have everything needed to provide excellent orthopedic care.

How does it work?

The DrillCover Hex offers a simple and quick assembly. You simply load the drill into the cover, and you are ready for any veterinary orthopedic surgery. Once your procedure has finished, you may sterilize the drill cover as you would sterilize any other surgical tool. Multiple surgeries in a day? You can use the same drill with multiple covers, and sterilize each cover at the end of the day. This system is convenient, and will enrich your orthopedic practices!

DrillCover Hex medical tools for orthopedic surgery

DrillCover Hex medical tools for orthopedic surgery

Want more proof? Listen to what others have to say!

“I have used [similar products] in the past, and the Arbutus model is my hands-down favorite.

Other drills have the chuck adapter simply passing through an un-sealed hole in the cover – not ideal from a sterility perspective. The Arbutus cover has a sealed adapter incorporated into the cover, greatly improving sterility. The cover itself is made of a material that allows very good tactile feel of the drill beneath, and the seal across the bottom is the most secure of any that I have used.

I look forward to years of using this drill for my veterinary orthopedic procedures, and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a reasonably priced, sterile, and effective surgical drill cover.”

Ken Gummeson DVM | Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital, Kamloops, BC, Canada

“I have used the Drill Cover System from Arbutus Medical and have found it to be a useful solution for practitioners who do some orthopedic surgery, but cannot justify the more expensive surgical drills.“

Walter Renberg DVM, DS, DACVS | Kansas State University, KS, USA

Read all testimonials HERE.

The DrillCover Hex is an incredible tool to step up your clinics orthopedic technology. With the ability to provide safe orthopedic practices, whether in your clinic or off site, you will have everything needed to enrich your surgical protocol! The DrillCover Hex is the perfect  solution for the cost-conscious veterinary orthopedic surgeon!

Learn more about DrillCover Hex and how to get it.

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