Peanut butter nail trims and why it is a bad idea

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There is a recent trend for fun dog nail trims at home…
Apparently, if you wrap your head in cellophane and then cover it with peanut butter, all dogs that hated nail trims until then will automatically forget about their fear and luckily lick the peanut butter off your head.
Well, this is a very bad idea and both parties can get hurt.

Fearful dogs

If you are considering this idea then you are already aware that your dog is not a fan of nail trims. This might result in a defensive reaction.

Injuries happen

If you trim the nails too short it will cause pain and bleeding.
Even professionals make mistakes.
If you are not 100% ready and your dog is not cooperating, do not try this at home, with or without peanut butter on your head. Even you might get injured..

Read the signs

Animals communicate through their body language. Your dog will show you if it is afraid with its eyes, body movement, breathing, shaking etc.
It will be problematic to notice all the signs if your head is below the dog trimming the nails.

Food aggression

Some dogs show food aggression and some dogs only in certain situation.

Peanut butter, leg restrains, nail trimming can be very confusing at the same time and the dog might get aggressive.



peanut butter nail trims and why it is a bad idea by I Love Veterinary

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