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Perineal Hernia in Dogs – Veterinary Surgery

What is a perineal hernia in dogs?

A perineal hernia in dogs is a result of a weakening or failure of the muscular part of the diaphragm of the pelvis. When is intact, the pelvic diaphragm gives support to the abdomen and keeps the abdominal content in place and not to encroach the rectum. When a dog gets perineal will show symptoms of constipation, trouble defecating and urinating, lethargy, appetite changes, and altered tail.
A perineal hernia usually affects older dogs, age 7 to 9 years old.

What are the symptoms of perineal hernia in dogs?

Dogs with perineal hernia will have to swell around the anus on one or both sides. This swelling may contain the contents of the hernia. These contents might include parts of the rectum, small intestine, omentum, prostate, the bladder. The clinical symptoms that the dog will show will be closely related to the organs entrapped in the hernial sack.

Diagnosing a perineal hernia in dogs

Perineal hernia in dogs is primarily and most easily diagnosed with a thorough rectal exam. This helps the veterinarian to determine the contents of the hernia if the hernia is unilateral or bilateral if there is any masses or changes on the prostate.

Treating a perineal hernia in dogs

Perineal hernia in dogs is most successfully treated with a surgical repair of the pelvic diaphragm, and if necessary, suturing the bladder or/and the colon to the abdominal wall. It is highly recommended for the patients to be castrated during this procedure in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the perineal hernia.


On the video below you can watch s video of a surgical correction of a perineal hernia on the left side in a dog.



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