Pig Tusk & Hoove Trim – Video by Dr. Evan Antin

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Today we will watch a video about pig tusk & hoove trim and the importance of these procedures.
Pigs, especially when kept as pets, need extra veterinary care, as well at home care from their owners.
Because they are not in their natural habitat, they need an extra eye on their teeth and hooves. Pig’s tusks, or canine teeth, grow all the time and usually get worn down by the food they eat and all day pig stuff they do. But when they are kept at home these activities are limited. That is why they need professional help in this area.

Pig’s tusks grow all the time and if kept uncut will continue to grow and might hurt the soft palate or fracture and cause more problems. On the video below the lovely Dr. Evan Antin will show you how simple is to take care of your pet pig in the hands of professional veterinary practitioners.

“Pet pigs routinely need their tusks and hooves trimmed. The tusks, aka canine teeth, of pigs continuously grown and self-sharpen and can be extremely (and unintentionally) destructive at home. This is a simple and common procedure and I hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for watching :)”

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