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What is Loop Abroad?

Loop Abroad provides educational opportunities for pre-vet students and other folks who want to learn more about veterinary medicine. Founded in 2009, Loop Abroad (maybe you can tell by the “Abroad” in the name) focused for over a decade on pre-veterinary travel experiences and study abroad. In 2020, when COVID-19 made it impossible for most of their students to travel, Loop Abroad launched a virtual learning platform connecting veterinarians at some of their favorite projects around the globe with students from all over the world for courses, live veterinary shadowing internships, and research fellowships.

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Experience of Loop Abroad so far

These virtual projects have been joined by participants from 27 different countries and from 40 of the 50 states in the US, and have earned an Innovation in Online Programming award from GoAbroad for their novel approach to pre-veterinary education. Courses include college credit from Loop Abroad’s US School of Record, and most internships and research fellowships award a Certificate of Completion for anyone successfully completing the program.

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What are the benefits of a virtual pre-veterinary learning experience?

  1. Affordability.
    Virtual programs require no plane tickets, passports, or other travel expenses. So even if you love the idea of a travel program, you might be able to supplement with a virtual program and get even more experience!
  2. Accessibility.
    Travel programs can be inaccessible for a variety of reasons, from health concerns to responsibilities at home. Life is complicated! Virtual programs are accessible from anywhere on Earth, and even live programs are recorded so that you never have to miss a session.
  3. Every seat is a front-row seat.
    From surgeries to physical exams to clinical procedures, virtual means that each participant can be right up close (via camera) with the patient, without risk to you or to the patient’s well-being. This means that procedures or animals we might not be able to let you get close to in person can be right up close in a virtual program.
  4. Pause, go back, and get close.
    In a clinic room, you might miss seeing something the doctor identified on a patient, and then it’s too late to go back. With virtual, everything is recorded, so you can make sure you see and understand everything in ways that really help you learn.
  5. Travel the globe.
    While Loop Abroad does have travel programs all over the world, most of us would never be able to jet off to a new continent each weekend. On the “Vets Around the World” Internship, you get the chance to work with veterinary and conservation partners in Thailand, Belize, Australia, and Costa Rica all on one program.
  6. Support conservation efforts that truly need your help.
    Virtual programs allow us to provide funding to our teaching and program partners all around the world. These funds allow them to continue employing local staff and caring for their animals even when students are unable to visit in-person.
  7. Learn from experts around the world.
    Virtual programming allows you the opportunity to learn about these animals from the experts in the places where these animals actually live. So whether you are learning about elephants from Thailand, cheetahs from South Africa, jaguars from Belize, or sloths from Costa Rica, you are getting local expertise that’s rooted in a cultural understanding of what conservation really means for those animals.
  8. Flexibility.
    Virtual programs allow you to join a new program at the last minute, pursue a deeper understanding of animals you’re passionate about, and otherwise fit your learning around your schedule.
  9. Variety of program options.
    Courses are a perfect option for students who need to improve their science GPA or want an in-depth understanding of a particular animal and can’t find the course at their school. Internships are a great fit for students who are seeking vet hours and can’t find in-person opportunities (or who want exotics or wildlife experience they can’t get near home). And research fellowships can be an excellent way to earn research hours for your vet school application or simply to gain research experience to build your resume when applying for on-campus research positions, jobs, scholarships, or research programs.
  10. Build community and have fun!
    Loop Abroad instructors have years of experience helping our in-person groups build connections with one another, learn from each other, and provide mentorship and guidance while keeping learning fun and exciting. Virtual learning really can feel like you’re there in person!

If you are looking for virtual vet hours, virtual veterinary experience, virtual research experience, virtual pre-vet courses, or the chance to help important conservation efforts around the world while learning from their expertise, Loop Abroad may have the right program for you!

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