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Handling animals with aggressive behavior in the clinic

Any animal has the potential to be aggressive, especially in the veterinary clinic. Many times this aggression stems from fear and anxiety. For some pets, the act of getting to the clinic is stressful enough without the added features of other pets and people along with pheromones from other equally stressed animals. There are a few things that can be …

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Dog Bite Wounds Thoracic Wall Repair Video by The Vet Surgery Channel

Sometimes it happens that a dog gets bite wounds by another dog. The reasons can be numerous, unfortunately, most of the cases are because of dog fighting. We would like to raise the awareness about animal cruelty and we would like to show that some dog bites end up being treated with surgery. April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, please …

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Breed Specific Canine Aggression

Canine aggression This is a complex topic and doesn’t offer simple and universal answers which can be considered definitive and appropriate. The real fact is that there is a lack of data and scientific research that will serve as an opinion molding tool for the general public. Breed specific aggression is not only a highly controversial topic, but also a …

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