The Best Cat Scratching Post Ever? (11 Reviews)

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How to Get Cats Not to Scratch Furniture

A warm welcome to our review of ‘Which is the best cat scratching post ever.’ All cat owners have this main challenge, how to get cats, not scratch furniture. If this is you, worry not. We have compiled some of the best cat scratching posts for you so that you spare your favorite couch. The inevitable truth is that it’s either the cat scratching post or your furniture because your purring companion will have to scratch at something.

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Our Top Pick for Cat Scratchers

In making our top pick for your cat scratcher, we looked at the surface that will satisfy your kitty and also provide the ultimate surface for stretching because these kitties love to yawn, stretch and scratch when bored, which is almost all the time. 

The scratching post made with a sisal surface will make your cat happy because of his satisfaction from scratching against a surface that allows enough friction. However, if your kitty doesn’t like it, we have carpet cat scratching posts, cardboard scratching posts, and a cat scratcher lounge. Those scratchers can be mounted on the wall or laid on the floor.

Our number one pick is the SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post 

It was the most attractive cat scratching post out of the 11 we have researched. Its post is 32 inches (81cm) high, allowing your cat to get the full stretching pleasure vertically. 

The stretching is important for your cat to tone and muscles, and the post provides your cat an appealing target to mark its territory.

The Best Cat Scratching Post – at a Glance

  1. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post(Best Overall)
  2. Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy(Best for cats to lounge and play)
  3. Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post(Best for cats to lounge)
  4. Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts(Best for more than one cat)
  5. PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post(Best for cats of all sizes)
  6. SmartyKat Multi-Surface Cat Scratcher for Cats & Kittens(Best for cats of all sizes)
  7. WIKI 002G Cat Tree Cat Tower Furniture(Best for cat to lounge)
  8. Cat Scratcher, Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape(Best for cat training)
  9. FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat(Best for cats of all sizes)
  10. Coaching Cat Scratcher Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad(Best for cats of all sizes)
  11. Four Paws Super Catnip Cat Scratching Post(Best for big cats)

Why do Cats Paw?

Pawing, also known as kneading, is a common instinctive behavior in cats. While not all cats paw, you will find your young and adult felines kneading most of the time. You may have caught your cat rhythmically pushing its paws against your lap or a soft blanket, which is pawing. Some cats use all four paws while kneading, while others use their claws.

There are a couple of reasons why kitties knead. 

A cat will start to knead like a kitten while nursing its mother cat. Your nursing kitty instinctively kneads in to stimulate production. This behavior of kneading, however, does not end after nursing age. Adult cats will continue to knead even as adults as it reminds them of the comfort of nursing. You will find adult felines pawing at soft blankets and surfaces.

Cats knead at their owners because your cat is trying to tell you that he loves you, which is their way of returning the affection they have received from you. When your cat is happy, he will paw hard at you, which can be quite painful because he will be digging in with his claws. Never punish your kitty for kneading at you because the cat does not understand. Instead, cushion your lap with a barrier to ensure comfort for you and your cat.

As your cat kneads at you showing his affection, he is also stretching his muscles. Sometimes your purring friend may decide to knead on your couch. You will find this little yoga master working out the kinks left over from napping. Pulling against a surface helps your cat stay limber until the next nap.

Like all the other members of the cat family, Cats are territorial. They like to identify and mark their jurisdiction. By kneading on the surface, they are activating the release of scent from scent glands in their paw pads hence making that item theirs. So the next time you find your cat kneading on you, he is marking you as belonging to him.

Female cats knead to mark territories, which includes you. They do so to identify possible mating partners. You will find your female cat purring, stretching, and kneading the air while lying on the air when they have seen a male cat tell them to approach. 

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The Best Cat Scratching Post- Reviewed

1. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post 

Best Overall

Amazon’s Choice Award in Cat Scratching Posts by SmartCat

General Paragraph

It was the most attractive scratching post for cats out of the 11 we have researched. Its post is 32 inches (81cm) high, allowing your cat to get the full stretching pleasure vertically. The stretching is important for your cat to tone and muscles, and the post provides your cat an appealing target to mark its territory.

The sisal fabric covers the post, a heavy-duty material, and shreds when the cat is scratching, which is an important component in cat scratching and satisfying your cat. The base of the scratching post is 16 x 16 inches wide (40 x 40 cm) and will ensure your cat has a long, firm stretch without tipping or wobbling. Our research found it to be most durable due to its woven sisal fabric, and those who have it have attested to its durability. Verified Purchase on Amazon said, “We’ve had the post for about two years.” Others have attested to it having minimal wear and tear over time.

Getting an Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, you don’t need to worry about this scratching post fitting into your decor. They come in beige color that can blend into any decor, and you can easily assemble the post using the two screws included.

Verified purchases on Amazon confirm that this scratcher can last up to 2 years and is quite affordable at Amazon instead of local stores.

Material: Sisal

Color: Beige

Brand: SmartCat

Weight: 35.2 ounces (998gms)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.7 Stars

Style: Post 

Durability: Highly durable

Stability: Highly stable

2. Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy 

Best for Cats to Lounge and Play

General Paragraph

The Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy is our second-best pick. With a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this scratching post not only has a post but also has a maze-like attraction to cats. Your cat will love to play on it as it gets its mind stimulated while enjoying the teasing of a feather string toy tied to the post.

This unique scratching post-Catry three-level beige cradle cat activity tree can handle your cat that is 10 lbs (4.5kg). The cat tower allows your kitty to enjoy a higher view and your cat to lounge up while hanging with their paws just over the edge comfortably. The two scratching posts’ fabric is sisal and fleece to satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch. The well-designed cat hammock holds your cat in a snug and comfortable position.

Its size of 15.7 x 15.7 x27.8 Inches (39.88 x 39.88 x 29.97cm) has a small-size product design that can fit anywhere, including the window where your kitty will easily use it as a stair to get to the window and laze there. You could be asking yourself if it is sturdy. Verified purchases on amazon have confirmed that it’s steady and doesn’t wobble.

This scratching post can hold more than one cat as they play hide and seek. It comes with tools and instructions that make it easy to assemble, install, and clean. In addition, they have a return policy in the unlikely event that your kitty will not be satisfied.

One verified purchase on Amazon confirms that you will get value for money because it is easy to assemble, good quality, sturdy and soft.

Material: Sisal, Fleece

Color: Beige

Brand: Catry

Weight: 137.6 ounces (3.9kgs)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.3 Stars

Style: Post, lounger

Durability: Highly durable

Stability: Highly stable

3. Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post 

Best for Cats to Lounge

General Paragraph

This Unique cat tree is our third best of all scratching posts. It is designed to engage indoor cats in climbing and scratching activities and comes in a gray color tone that can easily blend into or complement your decor. 

They constructed it with plush carpeting and covered the posts with Jute wrapping to provide your cat satisfaction as it kneads into it and marks its territory. The jute wrapping helps keep your kitty’s nails healthy and keeps your carpets and furniture scratch-free. Its 15.75 x 15.75 x 19.69 inches (40.01 x 40.01 x 49.78 cm) dimensions weigh 8.95 pounds (4kgs), provide reliable strength and sturdiness, and are easy to assemble.

If your kitty loves the hammock, this cat post for scratching is your plug. The plush hammock suspends above the two posts to provide a place to relax or take in its ambient environment. In addition, the hammock comes with a replaceable toy that your kitty can play in.

Verified purchases on Amazon confirm that it can hold up to 2 cats and a hammock of very soft fabric. In addition, one purchaser confirmed that it took only 3 minutes to assemble.

Material: Jute

Color: Beige

Brand: Amazon Basics

Weight: 8.82 Pounds (3.7kgs)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.7 Stars

Style: Cat Hammock

Durability: Highly durable

Stability: Highly stable

4. Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

Best for More Than One Cat

Amazon Choice Award in Cat Trees by Amazon Basics 

General Paragraph

The other favorite scratching post is the Basics Cat Activity Tree, a multi-platform indoor cat tree for your cat. They designed it to cater to your cat’s climbing, playtime scratching, and relaxing needs. This multi-level cat tree measures 15.7 x 15.7 x 31.5 inches (39.88 x 39.88 x 29.97 cm) that allows the cat to climb easily because of the stable base and rounded edges for comfort. One characteristic feature of this scratching post that your cat will enjoy is the Roundtop platform with raised sides for comfort and a curved rim that doubles as a cat bed. Its dimensions are inner: 11.8 inches (30 cm), outer: 13.8 inches (35cm). 

Your cat will get a cat-friendly jute-covered post to scratch on and a soft carpeted surface to lay. In addition, it has four stable scratching posts and a sturdy MDF board covered with carpet. It is not complicated at all to assemble. Just follow the instructions on the manual and use the screws provided. 

One Amazon verified purchase confirms that it is smaller as compared to other “gigantic cat towers. And because of the size, the purchaser found it to be “extremely sturdy.” The purchaser applauds the small size, which makes it “not top-heavy.” This scratcher can fit up to 2 regular-sized cats.

Material: Engineered Wood, sisal

Color: Beige

Brand: Amazon Basics

Weight: 15.43 Pounds (7kgs)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.7 Stars

Style: Tree Tower

Durability: Highly durable

Stability: Highly stable

5. PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post 

Best for Cats of All Sizes 

Amazon Choice Award in Cat Scratching Posts by PetFusion 

General Paragraph

The Perfusion is one of our top 5 picks of scratching posts, and there are several reasons why we love it. The first is that the manufacturers made it out of cycled corrugated cardboard, which is environmentally friendly, with non-toxic starch glue and premium satin cardboard siding. Your cat will love this cardboard scratching post and relieve stress while having healthy claws.

This scratching post has a vertical base that stabilizes it during scratching and a cubby hole for your cat to explore and play. You can describe it as one curvy scratching post which provides numerous angles fr scratching and stretching. In addition, it comes in a gray color tone which means it can easily blend into your decor to compliment it. 

With three sides for your cat to scratch, you can keep changing sides to the taste and preferences of your cat. Your cat can also choose to lay in the middle for a nap.

Pet fusion offers a year’s warranty if there is an issue with the scratching post.  

Material: Cardboard

Color: Grey

Brand: PetFusion

Weight: 4.2 Pounds Pounds (1.9kgs)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.6 Stars

Style: Standard

Durability: Durable

Stability: Highly stable

6. SmartyKat Multi-Surface Cat Scratcher for Cats & Kittens, Durable & Long Lasting – Multiple Styles

Best for Cats of All Sizes

General Paragraph

This sisal cat scratcher comes with a strong and stable wooden structure. You cannot overstate the benefits of sisal fabrics. This fabric is durable, apart from your cat, loving sisal’s effect when scratching it. This product has sisal material over a wooden structure that measures 18 x 12 x 8 inches (45.72 x 30.48 x 20.32 cm). It is stable and wide enough to provide your kitty enough room to stretch and scratch as it marks its territory. 

This wooden cat scratching post comes in various colors depending on the sisal covering. The natural wood frame will perfectly blend into your home decor. You will therefore need to supervise your Cat playing or scratching on it. If it gets worn out or loose, dispose of it properly.

Verified purchases on Amazon confirm that it is affordable and does not take up too much space.

Material: Wood, sisal

Color: Tan

Brand: SmartyKat

Weight: 11.04 Ounces (313gms)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.1 Stars

Style: Angle Scratcher – Sisal

Durability: Durable

Stability: Highly stable

7.  WIKI 002G Cat Tree Cat Tower Furniture  

Best for Cat to Lounge

General Paragraph

This scratching post is best for a normal-sized big cat.

It has an overall size of 25.98 x16.14 x 35.43 inches. Because of its design, you always need to place it against a wall. This three-leveled post has a cat house and cat hammock covered in high-quality faux fur and three jute-covered posts. Your cat can climb the three levels and enjoy its spacious home provided or the view from the hammock like a queen.

This scratching post comes with a hanging ball that your cat will enjoy playing with, and you can replace it with another toy as you wish.

A verified purchase on Amazon confirms that it is sturdy and an easy-to-assemble post big enough for a normal-sized cat. Furthermore, after two years of use, the purchaser confirms that it is still going strong.

Material: Engineered Wood, Faux Fur

Color:Grey -cat tree

Brand: WIKI

Weight:16.53 Pounds (0.47kgs)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.3 Stars

Style: Hammock

Durability: Durable

Stability: Stable

8. Cat Scratcher, Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape, Cat Repellent for Furniture, Cat Couch Protector, cat Scratching pad, Cat Training Tape, Protector for Couch, Carpet, Doors, Pet & Kid Safe 

Best for Cat Training

General Paragraph

Are you tired of cats ripping your favorite couch or your bed? Then, this cat scratch protector will keep cats from scratching furniture. The cat scratching repellant is a cat scratching pad that you can stick to your couch or the bed where your kitty is prone to scratch. Cats hate sticky surfaces; therefore, when your kitty tries to scratch it, that unpleasant sensation will remain in their paws; hence, you will be able to train your cat not to scratch again. 

This furniture protector comes in a ten pack with two sizes of cat scratch deterrent tape. If you wonder how big it is, it measures 6 X 14.5*11.5inch and 4 X 14.5*6inch, which easily fits a big portion of your couch. The plus side is thin and transparent and won’t interfere with your decor.

It is quite easy to install a cat scratching pad. Using the two-sided tape stick it where you want to protect it, cut the protector to the size you need, and peel off the white backing paper. The manufacturers The new generation adhesive material it comprises makes it possible to remove without residue on your furniture. Verified purchases on Amazon have attested to the no residue theory; we have also confirmed that your couch will be safe for it leaves no residue. Furthermore, the manufacturers made this product from non-toxic transparent vinyl, which is environmentally friendly.

Verified Purchase on Amazon confirms that it sticks well to the bed or wall and deters your cat from scratching your favorite furniture.

Material: Vinyl

Color: Transparent


Weight: 6.38 Ounces (70gms)

Our star rating out of 5: 3.9 Stars

Style: Surface Stick

Durability: Durable

Stability: Sticky

9. FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat 

Best for Cats of All Sizes

General Paragraph

This Sisal mat product will greatly benefit your cat’s scratching urges. It is a 23.6 X 15.7 Inches (59.94 x 39.88 cm) mat that you can place on the floor or the wall. To better fix it to the floor, use the 4 Velco pad that it comes with or use. The alternative to fitting it on the floor is using a heavy object like a sofa or chair. To fix it on the wall, you will need to screw it. 

This product is environmentally friendly since natural sisal is biodegradable and has not the manufacturers did not treat it with harsh chemicals or oils. This product can serve many purposes other than a scratcher. It can be a sleeping pad, doormat, or cat litter mat, and you can also use it as an anti-skid measure.

Material: Cardboard

Color: Brown


Weight: 1.28 Pounds (0.58kgs)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.4 Stars

Style: Floor mat scratchers

Durability: Durable

Stability: Highly stable

10. Coaching Cat Scratcher Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad 

Best for Cats of All Sizes

General Paragraph

The design mimics the tree bark giving your cat the feeling of hanging out in the tree or nature. In addition, your cat will love the different angles of this scratchpad. The manufacturers of scratchpads make them out of corrugated and 100% recycled cardboard, which is strong enough to resist the sharpest claws while saving your couch from the cat’s unforgiving scratching and keeping its claws healthy. It’s also where your cat will come to exercise and relieve stress.

An Amazon review confirms that it is 50% more durable than other cat scratchers. In addition, we have found it environmentally safe, healthy, and non-toxic to your adorable cat. 

This product comes in 3 different patterns for you to choose from. Each scratchboard is two-sided, where both sides can be scratched, making it last longer than other boards. 

Material: Cardboard


Brand: Coching

Weight: 9.88 Ounces(282gms)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.4 Stars

Style: Heavy Duty,Unique

Durability: Durable

Stability: Highly stable

11. Four Paws Super Catnip Cat Scratching Post

Best for Big Cats

General Paragraph

This 21 inches (53cm) tall cat scratching furniture comes in a pack containing two tubes: carpeted tube and a sisal tube, carpeted base, and a catnip nip ball. In addition, it comes with an instruction manual on how to assemble. 

We find that the combination of both carpet and sisal on one tube is a great idea because the sisal provides the sensation your cat is looking for while scratching and, in the process, saves your couch from scratching. The sisal tube is the topmost, making it an opportunity for your cat to reach out and stretch its muscles. The catnip rattle ball provides added entertainment for the cat during scratching.

How stable is the base? It has been manufactured to be sturdy and support a normal-sized cat without toppling over. 

Material: Sisal

Color: Brown

Brand: Four Paws

Weight: 2 Pounds (0.9kgs)

Our star rating out of 5: 4.7 Stars

Style: Post

Durability: Highly durable

Stability: Stable

What to Look for in a Cat Scratcher

We identified 11 cat scratchers in three categories: posts, loungers, and wall scratchers with a strong online review and tested them. Our experts concluded that size, durability, and stability are crucial in picking out the perfect scratcher for your cat.


What is the right size for a cat scratcher? We found out large scratchers are better than smaller scratchers within the same category. The larger ones offer more room for stretching and are likely to scratch more at the top of longer scratch posts because they allow for more stretching. We have found out that bigger scratchers are better posts for scratching. We recommend that a horizontal scratcher be at least 18 inches (45cm) which is roughly the length of your cat minus the tail. A vertical scratcher should be 30 inches (76 cm) to 32 inches (81cm).


We have found out that scratchers with curvy angles are more appealing to your cat than straight ones because the angles provide more room for your cat to stretch and scratch. The three leveled scratching posts also offer more room for your cat to go up and down. We recommend a tall scratching post to give your cat more room to scratch and stretch. Some scratching posts come with a catnip ball which is a great idea because it provides more entertainment for your cat.   

Cats love variety. If you have one scratcher in one corner of your living room, and your cat has worn it out, the kitty may lose interest and turn to your couch. You will be impressed by the difference made when you move it to a different location time and again to keep them interested all through.

Lastly, experiment with shapes and styles or put duplicates of their favorite scratching posts in different rooms. They will forget about your couch and head for the scratcher instead.


There are various styles that cat scratchers come in. There are posts, loungers, wall sketches, and floor mat scratchers. The choice you make will base on your budget and the space available. For instance, scratching posts and wall/couch cat scratchers will require relatively small space because of their design. The style will also depend on the size of your cat. If your cat is relatively small or a kitten, you can consider a cat scratcher made for it. Look at the sturdiness of the post and base to determine whether it will support your normal/big-sized cat. Consider also that kittens grow fast; therefore, while choosing a cat scratcher, think of one that your kitty will use till it’s all grown. 


The quality of a cat scratcher is very critical. Cats prefer a strapping fabric that they can shred their claws on and attain the satisfying sensation that comes with it. As they paw, they mark their territory by exercising their muscles, and shredding is fun. So what is the best quality of fabric to select for your cat? Your cat’s shredding or scratching urges will determine the kind of scratcher you get. With many scratching posts having a carpet covering, which some cats like, you choose a post with a fabric different from what you have in your home, and the reason is that you want your cat to understand why it is okay to scratch the post and not the couch or floor carpet. Choose a material like a sisal with enough friction on the paws and claws of your cat to fully satisfy it.


The material used to make your cat scratcher will greatly determine its durability. Cats love to scratch on sisal, as we have seen. In addition, a sisal material lasts longer than a carpet cat scratcher or jute. However, between sisal fabric and sisal rope, sisal fabric is durable as opposed to sisal rope which breaks down, and fibers become dislodged and sharp. 

The quality of a durable cat scratching post is it has got to withstand aggressive pawing, meaning the base should be sturdy. You would not want your cat to be able to knock down the post. So look for one that’s a little heavier depending on the cat’s size. 


You won’t want a scratching post that wobbles. Your cat scratcher can wobble because of improper installation, such as not screwing in the nuts well enough or a base that is insufficient to support the post. Your cat won’t scratch well on an unstable post, and it is very unsafe at the same time. Therefore, the taller the post, the sturdier it needs to be. Look for posts that have a double thickness.

Scratchable area

Your cat will love a cat scratcher that has a greater scratchable surface area covered with sisal, cardboard, or carpet.

FAQs on Cat Scratchers

How big should a cat scratcher be?

The bigger the scratcher, the more fun your cat will have. The cat scratcher should be big enough for your cat to stretch on and exercise its muscles. A horizontal scratcher should be as tall as the cat’s body, excluding the tail, 18 inches (45cm) on average. A vertical cat scratcher should measure 30 to 32 inches (76 to 82 cm). The height should be at least 25 inches (64 cm) tall.  

What is the best material for a cat scratcher?

Sisal fabric is the best material to choose. One thing about the sisal fabric is that it is soft, but it can withstand the gnawing, kneading, and scratching of your cat. We tested and found that the sisal fabric can withstand years of cat scratching. After that, you will only need to take good care of it. Sisal rope comes second to sisal fabric when looking for a cat scratcher. Other materials used to finish the cat scratcher include carpet, cardboard, or wood.

Do cats like cardboard scratchers?

Yes. Some cats like cardboard scratchers because of the great sensation they get on their paws and claws when plying the cardboard. Cardboards feel less dense than other scratcher materials, including sisal rope making it unlikely for you to find your kitty’s paws caught in the material. You will find the cardboard option surprisingly inexpensive and easy to come by. Other than the cardboard holding well to your cat’s scratches, they shred over time and fall to the ground creating a mess that you’ll have to clean as your cat kneads it.

How many scratchers are needed per cat?

The scratching posts available commercially are built with a heavy base to provide many opportunities for your cat to play, exercise, rest, and a variety of surfaces to scratch. Therefore, it is advisable to prove one cat scratcher per cat positioned in different locations.  

Why Trust I Love Veterinary?

We based our review on thorough research on information on different cat scratching posts and interviews of cat owners with cat scratching posts to get information about their personal experiences. We have also delved into statistics of reported cat injuries due to accidents by Cat scratching posts. This information has formed the basis of our analysis.

cat scratching paws

The Final Yap!

We sum up our review for the Best Cat scratching post ever at this point. We found the best Scratching post to be SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post because of its tried and confirmed durability, courtesy of sisal fabric, and its stability. Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy takes second place because of its sisal fabric that guarantees durability and fleece for comfort and affordability. Our premium choice in the third place is AmazonBasics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post due to its cat hammock style and tested and approved stability.

Cats love a variety of scratching surfaces. It is, therefore, incumbent on you to know what your cat prefers. However, you can never go wrong with a sisal fabric scratching post. Other materials like cardboard will also provide sufficient satisfaction to your cat. Whichever post you choose to purchase, you will still have to check your budget, among other factors listed above. All in all, choosing various materials for your cat will keep your cat’s senses busy.