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Veterinary Dermatology Terms

Dermatology is a specialty in the Veterinary field, as well as in human medicine. Dermatology represents the branch of medicine that deals with the largest organ in the body, the skin. Just like humans, our pets can be bothered by itchiness, skin conditions, and irritants in the environment. When a pets skin has failed to respond to general treatment, a trip to the veterinary dermatologist is recommended! In veterinary dermatology you will learn of the many skin conditions that can effect our pets, and vast options of treatment. Veterinary dermatology is a growing field that is evolving day by day, and an incredible avenue to explore.

We compiled a list of several terms that are used most often in veterinary dermatology. It can be helpful for vet students, vet techs, vet professionals, as well as for non-professionals and pet owners.

Dermatological terms veterinary

Dermatology Terms:

Abscess: Subcutaneous collection of pus.

Alopecia: Partial or complete hair loss.

Atopy: Allergic skin disease caused by environmental antigens.

Cyst: An epithelium lined cavity containing fluid or solid material.

Dermatitis: Inflammation of the skin characterized by redness or itchiness.

Epithelium: The outer layer of the skin.

Hyperkeratosis: Hypertrophy of the horny layer of the epidermis.

Otitis: Inflammation or infection of the ear.

Pododermatitis: Inflammation of the skin on the paws, causing paw licking and redness between the toes.

Pruritis: Itchiness of the skin.

Pustule: Elevated area of the skin filled with purulent material.

Pyoderma: An infection of the skin that produces pustules and flakey areas.

Seborrhea: Flakey skin that has been greasy or dry, due to an underlying irritation or skin disease.

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