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Collective Nouns for Animal Groups

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i love veterinary infographic animals



  • A congregation of alligators.
  • A troop of baboons.
  • A flutter of butterflies.
  • A caravan of camels.
  • An army of caterpillars.
  • A coalition of cheetahs.
  • An intrusion of cockroaches.
  • A convocation of eagles.
  • A herd of cattle.
  • A pack of dogs.
  • A memory of elephants.
  • A business of ferrets.
  • A school of fish.
  • A tower of giraffes.
  • A band of gorillas.
  • A bloat of hippos.
  • A mob of kangaroos.
  • A pride of lions.
  • A parliament of owls.
  • A pandemonium of parrots.
  • A rookery of penguins.
  • A nursery of raccoons.
  • A cohort of zebras.
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