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National Wildlife Day

National wildlife day was first celebrated in 2006 as a commemoration of Steve Irwin, the famous conservationist and Australian TV host. Until this year, this holiday was celebrated on the day the world lost him, dying from a stingray to the heart. Steve Irwin was 44 years old and the date was 4th of September 2006.

From this year, 2018, the National Wildlife Day will permanently change the date of celebration and from now on it will be celebrated on the 22nd of February, Steve Irwin’s birthday.

Beside honoring Steve Irwin, we celebrate this day to raise awareness to the growing number of endangered and extinct species nationally and globally, to remind everybody of the demise of the animals each year and that we desperately need to make drastic and global changes.

This holiday inspires citizens to stand up and raise their voice for those that are speechless, to fight for the rights of animals and to try to make a difference one day at a time. This holiday also encourages people who can to donate or sponsor animals at their local Zoo or animal sanctuary. 125955445 d5daf6b0b0 b I Love Veterinary - Blog for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Students


Here are few ways how to get involved in this holiday:

– volunteer at a local no-kill shelter. These shelters always need an extra pair of hands and all the help they can get.

– if your state has an animal sanctuary, volunteer there.

– be a part of WWF’s adventure tours. Their focus is on wildlife and conservation.

– suggest to your local zoo, school or library to host a non-profit event and educate children about the importance of wildlife and conservation.

– spread the word on social media and inspire someone to help ????


Happy National Wildlife Day and Happy birthday Steve!


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