Cow Gestation

Cow Gestation will vary by breed, overall health of the cow in question, and the sex of the calf. While each of these factors can make a difference, the average gestation period of the cow is 283 days. Throughout these 9 months of gestation, the cow and calf will go through unique stages.

Cow Gestation

Stages of Pregnancy

  • First 3 months: Miscarriage is at it’s highest rate in this period of pregnancy. Miscarriage rate is high during the first 20 days, but risks drop by day 42.
  • 3 to 5 months: At this point in pregnancy, structures indicating pregnancy can be felt. The actual fetus itself is too far forwarded to be palpated.
  • 5 to 7 months: The fetus is now the size of a cat. Proper nutrition and extra nutrients are important to start at this time to ensure a healthy calf.
  • 7 to 9 months: Feeding requirements continue to increase, since the fetus will do 70% of it’s growing during this period. Farmers will also stop milking cows during this time to prepare for calving.
  • Full Term: when a cow is at full term pregnancy, the fetus can weight anywhere from 50-100 pounds depending on breed and sex.

Signs of Labor

  • Increase in udder size.
  • Springing in the back end, also known as a relaxed vulva.
  • Softening of pelvic ligaments. Cows tail end will appear to stick up more than usual.
  • Increase of mucous and discharge from vulva.
  • Behavior changes such as restlessness and agitation., and possibly pulling away from the herd.
  • You may see changes in stool production in the weeks leading up to calving. Farmers have reported loose stool, and some have reported constipation.
  • Loss of appetite in the days leading up to labor may occur.
  • Cow may show signs of stomach pain. This includes agitation, and possibly booting herself in the abdomen. This happens most in cows who have not calved before.

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