How to Groom a Dog at Home

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Something for the pet owners! Check out this article and video about how to groom a dog at home. We will cover all the essentials of dog grooming that every pet owner needs to know!

If you have a pupper at home that needs to go to the Doggy Salon often, then this article is for you. Your dogs give you many years of love and security and they deserved being cared for properly.

Caring for your dog does not only mean giving it quality food, but keeping it looking in tip top shape too. Learning how to groom your dog yourself can save you a lot of time, effort and money – plus it can be great for bonding with your furry friend too!

How to Groom Your Dog at Home

Grooming your dog at home entails the following steps:

How to groom a dog at home

Brushing and Washing first

Brushing your pet before you put them in the bath or basin, will help rid their coat of tangles and make the washing process easier for both you and your dog. Wash your dog with a coat care range that is specially formulated for dogs. DO NOT USE HUMAN PRODUCTS ON YOUR PETS!

After your dog has been washed and rinsed properly, dry them with a soft towel and brush them in the sun, allowing them to enjoy the new clean feeling.

You can also use treats and toys to keep them occupied during this process.

How to Groom Your Dog With Clippers

Take your time

You might be afraid to use clippers on your dog the first few times, and so might your dog. Take your time and go slowly. Slowly push the clippers to avoid leaving lines.

Clipping in the right direction

Clip or cut your dog’s hair in the same direction that it is growing for the best results. This will leave your dog with a healthy coat that looks great all-year round.

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Get someone to help you

If you have a dog that is antsy, get someone to help keep your dog still and calm. And shave your dog from the head down to the tail on the one side, before moving on to the other side.

Don’t let the clippers get too hot

Don’t burn your dog’s skin or damage the clippers. This can be achieved by stopping regularly and touching the blade. You can also use another blade or spray a coolant onto the blade to keep this from happening.

Other Dog Grooming Tips

Here are some other tips to help make dog grooming more fun and dog-friendly:

girl grooming dog with clippers

Ensure a quiet environment

Some pets can distressed easily, so it is recommended to groom your pet in an environment that is quiet. Keep any distractions on the low, and also do your homework to find the best quality clippers that produce as little noise as possible.

Don’t pull their hair

Let’s face it! Don’t you hate it when you go to the hair salon, and the hairdresser pulls on your lovely locks? Our canine friends are no different. Try as much as possible not to pull their hair.

Make sure your dog grooming tools are cleaning and sterilized after every use and if you make use of dog grooming clippers, make sure they are sharp at all times to reach the places such as behind the ears.

groomed dog with bow

Get to know your dog

Different dog breeds have different coat types and a certain way of shaving them to stimulate hair growth and to keep them cool. Watch a lot of videos and read up as much as you can on the best way to clip or cut your dog and how to work with your dog to achieve the best results.

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