Be Kind to Animals Week – May 7-13

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We all love animals, but are we always kind and humane to all kinds of animals? American Humane dedicated a whole week in the month of May to educate and awaken people into being kinder than the day before. This year, this celebratory and educational week will be from the 7th to the 13th of May 2022.

This week we will celebrate the unique bond that humans have with animals and some of the ways to strengthen that bond.

be kind to animals week

The History of Be Kind to Animals Week

This annual observance that is celebrated during the first week of May each year, and was established by American Humane. It aims to serve as a platform for all animal activists and enthusiasts to raise their voices and concerns on the mistreatment of all animals.

Millions of Americans come together during this week to discuss ways of improving animal welfare. A lesser-known fact is that this is one of the oldest commemorative weeks in American history. Through this week, many children have learned the importance of preserving animal life for future generations and how to treat animals with fairness and kindness.

This makes it one of the most successful campaigns of our time. It was founded in 1877 and is the only organization of its kind that is aimed to protect both animals and children in its efforts. This year will be the 105th year that this observance will be celebrated.

We should all aim to be kinder to all animals, and not just during Be Kind to Animals Week.

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During this uncertain time of COVID and all the difficulty and challenges it brings, we owe it to ourselves and future humanity to ensure that the animals that don’t have a voice is supported as best we can. In the interest of animals, we should support an animal shelter or adopt a shelter pet and give them a loving forever home.

From Animal control officers, to veterinarians and all their support staff, this observance and their continued, unfailing efforts won’t be possible today and it won’t be where it is today with support from right across the world.

Here are some examples of what you can do to be “more kind” to animals:

  • Take the pledge of the “American Humane”. The pledge consists of you dedicating yourself to buying only humane products (humanely raised animal food products and products not tested on animals);
  • Protection of all the animals on Earth by learning a bit more about conservation and pledging to visit only “Humane Certified” Zoos and aquariums;
  • Support the movie industry in which there is no harm to animal actors (look for movies with the tag “No Animals Were Harmed during the making of…”),
  • Commit to kindness towards all animals, not just in this week, but all 365 days of the year.
  • Use the hashtags #BeKindToAnimalsWeek and #ILoveVeterinary to share your stories of how you enriched animals’ lives and how they bring unsurpassed joys to yours!
  • And of course, be kind by adopting and rescuing an animal from a shelter, they need us the most.

We should not forget about our own pets and make sure to keep them happy and healthy all the time. Make sure that all the vaccinations are up to date, all yearly check-ups and dental too!

If you are aware of animal abuse near you, or someone you know is neglecting or abusing an animal, don’t doubt but report them.

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Happy Be Kind To Animals Week!

If you enjoyed this article, why not indulge in celebrating some of our other animal observances that are celebrated in the month of May, such as National Animal Disaster Preparedness Week! And remember to include your pets too!

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