Pet Tattoos

Have you ever thought of getting a dog tattoo or a pet tattoo?

When we love our pets so much like we do we want to memorialize them with a forever imprint on our bodies, a pet tattoo. We find a good tattoo artist and we trust them to draw the best version of our loved furry friend.

We asked our Facebook followers to share their pet inspired tattoos with us on our page. We made a selection of some of these pet tattoos and we made a video compilation for you to enjoy.

Pets are amazing, some of them even change our lives dramatically, some of them enter our lives at a certain difficult point and we consider them our guardian angels. That is why we chose to add a forever imprint of their soul on our skin. Have you ever met someone with a nice tattoo of their pet? Every pet tattoo has a beautiful story behind it and we love hearing and sharing them.

Check out the video and the pet tattoos we chose

A few weeks back, we made a similar video compilation with pictures of animal tattoos that were also sent by our Facebook followers. You can see the video compilation here: “The most unique animal tattoos“.

Would you like to see the rest of the tattoos sent by our followers? Here is the Facebook post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for daily vet cases and veterinary news!

We are looking forward to creating a video compilation of our favorite dog tattoos submitted by our followers. Do you have a dog tattoo that you would like to show to us and the world? Send a photo of your dog tattoo and the story behind it through our contact form and we will make sure to feature it in the next video.

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