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Dog ate chicken bones

Dogs are amazing creatures, right? We love them and we want the best for them, always. Many dog owners strongly believe that dogs are meant to eat bones like in the old days because that is their heritage. Well, yes, dogs back in the days ate everything, including the whole carcass of their pray, and that means chewing on bones ate chicken bones, I Love Veterinary

Bones are a great way to keep a dog occupied for hours, a tasty treat, full with calcium and excellent teeth cleaner.
BUT bones can be very dangerous too. Left unsupervised when your dog chews on bones can lead to serious damage and health issues. Especially chicken bones.

Bones can break teeth, bones can just break and lodge in the gums, get stuck in the esophagus, split into small pieces (especially chicken bones, they are very brittle) and damage the stomach and the intestines and cause heavy bleeding. Yes, bones can be very dangerous and cause your dog some serious damage.

Your dog ate chicken bones? Here is what you should do.

If your dog eats chicken bones stay calm. They can be dangerous but does not mean they will cause harm every time. You will need to monitor your dog in the next 72 hours for signs of lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, bloody stool or bloody diarrhea, bloating. If any of these signs are present seek immediate veterinary care.

On the video below is an example of a chicken bone stuck in the hard palate of a dog.

Prevention is better than the cure

As always, the best thing you can do is protect your pet. If this has already happened, you can only help your dog and learn from the incident. Don’t let the garbage can open or easily reachable, so your dog can dig into the dinner leftovers. Don’t forget  the food on the table, so your dog is tempted to try it out. And always keep an eye on your dog and what it is doing 🙂

If you want to learn about more ways your dog can get in trouble, read “Most common choking hazards for dogs” on our blog.

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