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We asked our community “What are the general rules at your veterinary clinic for pet owners?”, and we gathered some of the most common answers: 

Rules at the veterinary clinic infographic I Love Veterinary

Rules at the Veterinary Clinic

Be respectful with the staff

Everyone involved in the veterinary practice is doing their best for your pet’s health and quality of life. 

Transport your cat in a carrier

The veterinary team don’t want your kitty to escape or to be chased by a dog.

Bring your dog on a leash

To avoid any accidents or dog fights in the waiting area and make restraining of your pooch easier for vet techs and veterinarians in the examination room. PLEASE DO NOT USE RETRACTABLE LEASHES. 

Check-in at the desk as soon as you arrive

To avoid any delays or appointments reschedule. The veterinary crew want to provide you and your furry friend with an excellent service, but they need your cooperation.

Never leave your children unsupervised

Safety is one of the main priorities for the veterinary clinic. 

Payment is due at the time of appointment

Do not expect the practice to do their work for free. Everyone on the team chose their career because of their passion and love for animals, but they need to pay bills and staff.

Infographic created by Arais Conde, find out more about her by visiting her Instagram or Portfolio.

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