Veterinary Telemedicine

With the technology going forwards and with pet owners having to work long hours and not having so much time for veterinary visits, here comes veterinary telemedicine. An innovative app by Fuzzy Pet Health aims to help pet owners get a veterinary advice and care over the internet. They created an app that connects the pet owners and the veterinarians in real time on the phone. The app is available for Android and Apple users.

dog restingThe idea of the app is to provide immediate access to veterinary advice by talking to real, licensed veterinarians instead of googling symptoms and panicking what may be wrong with your pet. The app developers are aware that not everybody can get their pet immediately to a veterinary hospital and this is a simple way to determine if non-life-threatening conditions are urgent or not. The members will be able to schedule home visits with the vets on-call and even order prescription medicine.

Read more about this new app HERE.

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