Dr Meg Barnes

Dr. Meg Barnes

Veterinarian (BVSC MRCVS)
Veterinary Surgery
Locum Services
Small Animals


  • Veterinary Medicine degree from James Cook University in 2015
  • Rural community work
  • Content writer
  • Experience with small animals and equines
"As a veterinarian, I've come to realize that medicine isn't just about diagnosing and treating illnesses; it's about empowering pet owners with knowledge. Each patient is unique, and it's our duty to educate clients and tailor our approach to individual needs. I'm dedicated to promoting preventative medicine and ensuring that pet owners have access to up-to-date information to make informed decisions about their furry family members." - Meg Barnes (Veterinarian).


Meg's educational journey culminated in her qualification as a veterinarian in Queensland, Australia, in 2015. Her academic foundation provided the stepping stone for her career dedicated to animal well-being and client education.


Meg's professional journey commenced with her qualification as a veterinarian in 2015, a milestone achieved in Queensland, Australia. Eager to broaden her horizons and gather diverse experiences, she spent her initial years in rural Australia, where she delved into both small animal and equine medicine. Her time in rural Australia shaped her perspective on comprehensive patient care and the significance of client education. She recognized that awareness and education are pivotal in improving patient outcomes, a realization that would become a guiding principle in her career. Seeking new challenges and horizons, Meg ventured to the United Kingdom, where she engaged in locum work, further enriching her knowledge and skills. Her passion for general practice thrives on the diversity it offers, and she remains a staunch advocate of preventative medicine, recognizing that individualized approaches are essential in pet healthcare.

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