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Renewed FDA approval for an injectable anesthetic

The well-known injectable anesthetic “Alfaxan” has received new approval from the FDA after a slight modification to its formula to make it last longer. The new formula has added preservatives to make its shelf-life be 28 days after opening the container. This prolonged duration and improved formulation reduce the risks of contamination with microbes. This anesthetic is one of the …

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Handling animals with aggressive behavior in the clinic

Any animal has the potential to be aggressive, especially in the veterinary clinic. Many times this aggression stems from fear and anxiety. For some pets, the act of getting to the clinic is stressful enough without the added features of other pets and people along with pheromones from other equally stressed animals. There are a few things that can be …

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Possible parasite epidemic in the UK

The United Kingdom is facing the risk of “exotic parasite” epidemic due to the high number of imported domestic animals, more specific pets. A leading parasitologist, Dr. Ian Wright, from the ESCAAP (European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites) claims that the threat is very real and that the United Kingdom is risking being under the influx of parasitic and vector-borne …