Pet Cancer Awareness Month – November

A rough estimate is that every 4th dog and every 5th cat will eventually develop some form of cancer during its lifetime. Cancers found in dogs and cats are very similar to the ones in humans and thorough research is of great benefit both for animals and people. A pet diagnosed with cancer isn’t necessarily a death sentence, as modern …

Rectal Resection Anastomosis

Rectal Resection Anastomosis – Video by Vet Surgery Channel

In this video by the Vet Surgery Channel you will watch rectal resection anastomosis on a 11 lb dog.    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: 1. COPYRIGHT POLICY: The owner of this Surgical Channel videos is the only legal copyright holder of all the material on this channel. No part of the material on this Surgical Channel may be reproduced, stored in …

Young male cats are more at risk of road traffic accidents

Young male cats are more at risk of road traffic accidents – A study

Young male cats are more at risk of road traffic accidents. A recent study carried out in the United Kingdom, conducted on more than 1400 cats showed that male cats, young cats, and cross-breed cats have bigger chances to be hit by a car in their life. The study analysis was conducted of 1407 cats involved in a road traffic …

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Rare & Crazy Veterinary Cases

Rare & Crazy Veterinary Cases – Video by Victoria Birch

We have another video by our lovely Victoria Birch, a veterinary nurse. In this video, she shares with us rare & crazy veterinary cases that are very graphic, so viewers discretion is advised. *Viewer Discretion Is Advised* Ya’ll wanted to see some crazy veterinary cases well here you are! Working as a veterinarian, vet tech/vet nurse or vet assistant isn’t …

The stray dogs in Skopje, Macedonia

The stray dogs in Skopje, Macedonia

The situation with the stray dogs in Skopje, Macedonia is becoming more and more alarming. Skopje is the capital city of a small country, the Republic of Macedonia, located in the Balkan region in Europe. It seems like forever, the city of Skopje, and now more other cities in the country, are having trouble with controlling the number of stray dogs …

Facts about the tick life cycle

Facts about the Tick Life Cycle

In this infographic we will talk about the facts about the tick life cycle. The ticks are parasites belonging in the class Arachnida. They are ectoparasites which means that they invade the external part of the body of a mammal. Almost all ticks known belong to two different families, one is the Ixodidae family which consist of hard ticks, and …

Antibiotic Awareness Week

Antibiotic Awareness Week (12-18 November)

History The first ever campaign on antibiotic use was initiated in Europe in order to raise awareness and understanding of antibiotic resistance. The campaign was called EAAD (European Antibiotic Awareness Day) and since its birth in 2008, it has successfully functioned as a platform supporting national campaigns. After similar approaches popped-out in many other world regions, WAAW (World Antibiotic Awareness …

Open Root Planing

Open Root Planing Periodontal Disease – Video by Dr. Brett Beckman

In the video below, Dr. Brett Beckman will explain the procedure of open root planing and periodontal disease in a patient that is an 8-year-old Dachshund dog. Watch the video and learn more about veterinary dentistry.    If you liked this video, read “Veterinary Dentistry with Dr. Brett Beckman” on our blog.

Bird Health Awareness Week

Bird Health Awareness Week – 4-10 November

This week we celebrate bird health awareness week. This celebratory week was brought by the USDA as a campaign for biosecurity for birds. Their intention is to raise awareness for all diseases that affect birds and all the various ways to protect them and prevent the spreading of the infections. The latest trend in the United States is to raise …

Tips To Improve Ultrasound Guided Aspirates

4 Quick Tips To Improve Ultrasound Guided Aspirates – Video by Dr. Gerardo Poli

In this video, Dr. Gerardo Poli will show tips to improve ultrasound guided aspirates. In this online tutorial, I show you some useful ways to perfect the basics of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirates.    If you liked this video, watch “Interpretation of the Caudal Vena Cava – Video by Dr. Gerardo Poli” on our blog.