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This Hallows Eve it’s time to ditch your ordinary masking partners and try doing the same with your favorite furry fellow. On the 31 of October go out trick-or-treating in style and make the most of it by looking extremely adorably scary with your pet.
To be honest, if your pet has already been sticking for a while, they already know that special time of year when all the people change their ordinary appearance and, act differently. Still, they wonder why they can’t be a part of it. It’s time to change all of that, so check some of our ideas for the perfect costume for you and your pet for Halloween Night. Here are some sweet Halloween costumes for you and your pet.

Pet Halloween Doctor Nurse Costume 

This probably isn’t the scariest outfit of all, but no one really likes doctors either. This adorable and cute doctor’s white uniform is made out of polyester fiber and feels very comfortable for your pet, both cat or dog.
It comes in sizes from XS to L, but be very careful to choose the proper one. Maybe putting this on your pet will make the next vet visit a bit less stressful?

Dog Lion Mane 

Give your dog a chance to become a part of the large felid family for a day with this adjustable lion wig. The wig comes only in one size but the design has an expandable elastic band. With this, you can adjust the width to the comfortable proportions of your dog. It’s mostly suited for medium to large breed dogs.
There’s also an opening for the ears, as well as fabricated ones in front of the holes. Every dog deserves to feel what means to be the king of the jungle.

Pet Costume – Wonder Woman 

So how many of you like to watch superhero movies, and how many of you watch them together with your dogs?
You might want to avoid this costume in case your dog happens to be a hardcore fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, still, if it is your decision for him/her to be Wonder Woman for Halloween Night, then probably he/she will be.
This hero costume comes in two pieces, a printed costume dress, and a headpiece. It mostly fits Boston Terriers, Jack Russell Terries, Maltese, French Bulldogs, Pugs and similar in size breeds of dogs.

Pet Costume - Ewok 

I am guessing that this is an all-time favorite cinematic saga not only for me but for many of you too. Remember how the Ewok community of teddy-bear looking primitives seemed so cute and turned out to be dangerous?
So this costume will be a great fit for your dog to get him ready to fight the evil empire alongside yourself in a galaxy far, far away. It comes in variable sizes and it’s a two piece costume set consisted of a jacket and a headpiece.

Darth Vader- Pet Costume 

Yet you can lead the battle on the other side of the war as the leader of the empire.
The costume is really detailed and consists of a jumpsuit that is worn over the pet’s front legs. It has decorative stuffed arms and body with gadgets, accompanied by a headpiece and a cape with a belt.

Bantha Pet Costume 

We continue with ideas from the Star Wars Universe. This costume is quite interesting because it turns your dog in a Bantha (Bantha is kind of a Big furry mammoth) with the attached headpiece, but also puts a desert raider on his back with the jacket piece.
It really created a funny illusion of another living being riding the dog. The costume comes only in one size and fits most medium sized dogs.

Jedi Robe Pet Costume 

Of course, we can’t finish this mini-list of Star Wars Halloween Costumes ideas without the classical Jedi disguise. The costume is a one-piece costume cloak that has an attached belt and shirt. The cloak covers pretty much the whole body of the animal.
It comes in sizes S to XL and probably it will be easy to find one for you too. In that case, your dog will look like Master Yoda next to you.

Pet Costume – Batman 

It’s one of the first superheroes in comic books and it’s still one of the most popular today. Batman just doesn’t fall out of style.
Now your Bulldog, Collie or Brittany Spaniel can be the dark hero of Gotham City. Ideally, you can dress up as his sidekick Robin and together work your way through the dark Halloween streets. The costume is a two-piece set with a printed dog shirt and a matching headpiece. The shirt has a detachable cape.

Pet Costume – Supergirl 

The girly version of the Kryptonite God costume design generally made for small and medium-sized breeds of dogs.
One piece printed costume dress in blue, gold and red. Girls will love it, but it might be a hustle convincing your male pet to wear one.

Trump Costume and Tie for Halloween 

The costume is pretty simple. One piece is a collar with a red tie and the other piece is hairpiece wig that attaches with an elastic band under the chin.

Taco Halloween costume 

We think this is a pretty simple yet fun idea because you can of the possible combinations. Just think of your favorite taco topping and you have a great Halloween costume combo. Maybe it’s a bottle of ketchup or chili-sauce bottle?
The dog costume comes in three sizes – small, medium and large and covers the back and sides of the dog. You’ll be surprised at how vivid the walking taco looks like.

Caribbean Pirate Pet Halloween Costume 

The costume is designed to reflect Caribbean style pirates and is made out of polyester and non-woven fabric. The main part is made for the dog’s/cat’s forelegs and chest and as an addition, there is a pirate hat as well.

Pirate Cat Costume 

This costume is pretty much similar to the previous one. It has the same main part plus hat, but now with XL and XS sizes.
Also, this product has a free shipping policy.

Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume 

We hope we gave you some thoughts on how to prepare for the upcoming Halloween. As a group of people that constantly deals with animal, pets, and veterinary related topics we will be glad to see animals getting involved in many human aspects of society.
We will appreciate if you send us photos of your dogs with one of these costumes alongside yourself as their sidekicks.

If you want to see more cool stuff, read our blog.

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