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I Love Veterinary is excited to announce its’ partnership with South Carolina Association of Veterinarians (SCAV). With a partnership with an amazing organization like SCAV, we are able to offer their members some incredible benefits, along with introducing members to what SCAV is doing for everyone in the veterinary field. We can’t wait for you to soak in all this this partnership has to offer!

SCAV – South Carolina Association of Veterinarians

Established in 1911, South Carolina Association of Veterinarians (SCAV) is a non-profit association made to represent veterinary professionals. SCAV is dedicated to the advancement of veterinary medicine, by providing opportunities for professional education for veterinarians alike. SCAV serves to assist professionals in South Carolina, as well as residents of other states who show an interest in furthering their veterinary career. Annually, SCAV hosts several well-known conferences that double as incredible CE, and opportunities to network in every aspect of this field. Most well-known is the Southeast Veterinary Conference (SEVC), a continuing education opportunity that combines education with an incredible atmosphere that could serve as your annual vacation.

They work tirelessly to provide excellent service, and to create an environment that encourages professional growth.

Partnership between SCAV and I Love Veterinary

With this partnership with SCAV, our members not only receive professional opportunities with education and career networking, but also gain access to special offers from our I Love Veterinary store. Members of SCAV will receive a 15% off discount code that can be used store wide on our website. If you are familiar with our community, you know that we offer an incredible variety of veterinary related gifts. Whether you are searching for a gift for yourself or your colleagues, our store has a gift for everyone! Access to all I Love Veterinary benefits can be found in the member’s dashboard, and will also be informed by email and social media.

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While veterinary medicine requires hard work and dedication, it should also come with a dose fun and reward! Every single veterinary professional is appreciated in our store, and we take pride in helping you to represent your career. SCAV has your professional growth and education covered, so let I Love Veterinary take care of the joy of finding veterinary merchandise created just for you!

We are happy to present to you our other Partners like NAVTA, UK Vet Move, The Meowing Vet, LLC and others.

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