The Best Gifts for World Veterinary Day

The veterinary team members are an essential part of your furry friend’s life, and World Veterinary Day is one of the special days dedicated to the superheroes who work arduously to give every animal the opportunity to live their best life. 

When is World Veterinary Day?

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) proclaimed every last Saturday of April as the World Veterinary Day to celebrate the outstanding work of veterinarians on society and animal well-being in every country. In 2020, this celebration will take place on the 25th of April.  

2020 theme of World Veterinary day

Each year WVA selects a theme to promote awareness and knowledge about different topics related to animal welfare and health. Some of the past themes were:

  • “Value of Vaccination” (2019)
  • “The role of the veterinary profession in sustainable development to improve livelihoods, food security, and safety” (2018)
  • “Antimicrobial Resistance—From Awareness to Action” (2017)

2020 theme is  “Environmental protection for improving animal and human health” to honor the work that veterinary professionals do to protect our planet.” 

Activities during World Veterinary Day include seminars, conferences, and events. There is also an award to a member of WVA who gives an exceptional contribution to the selected annual topic. 

Should you get your Veterinarian a gift?

At I Love Veterinary, we firmly believe that appreciation should be shown to all staff every day you visit the veterinary practice.

There are also special occasions such as the receptionist’s birthday or one of the veterinary nurses giving birth to her first child or particular holidays like World Veterinary Day, Veterinary Appreciation Day, and Veterinary Nurse Day. 

So, should you buy a gift for your veterinarian? It’s up to you, but we think a gesture of gratitude goes a long way!

World Veterinary Day is a wonderful date to buy a gift for your veterinarian or even give them a thank you card or share on your social media about their excellent service. 

Surprise your veterinary clinic staff members with gifts!

In our online store, we have unique gifts for every staff member. You can easily search by occupation and product with our useful filters. 

If you want to make your veterinarian’s day and show your gratitude for giving Fido the best care, check out some of our products!

Gift ideas for Veterinarians and Veterinary Professionals 

Here is our buying guide to help you choose the best present for World Veterinary Day.  


Tumblers are a great present if your veterinarian loves going to the local shop to buy a cup of tea or coffee. They can also refill the tumbler with a cold drink for a refresher after a long shift at work!

gifts for world veterinary day, tumblers, I Love Veterinary

There are different options for every veterinary professional! The designs of the tumblers range from beautiful images to hilarious quotes.


world veterinary day gifts, sneakers, I Love Veterinary

No veterinary team member can resist our beautiful and comfy sneakers for work or a day out. From paw-prints to cats and dogs pattern, from black to pink shoes, we have them all!


world veterinary day gifts t-shirts I Love Veterinary

Our t-shirts are comfortable, and the perfect everyday wear. We gathered some veterinary and animal advocate quotes, cute animal images, and funny sayings to design our t-shirts for everyone involved in the veterinary field!


Our veterinary ceramic mugs are another alternative for coffee or tea lovers! 

best gifts for world veterinary day, coffee mugs I Love veterinary

A tumbler for coffee on the go and a mug for tea at home: the perfect match.

Stethoscope tags

stethoscope tags veterinary

Stethoscope tags are a beautiful, practical, and unique gift for veterinarians. They will surely love it! No one will use someone’s else stethoscope again.

Customized items (canvas, t-shirt, necklace, hoodie)

Do you have a photo of your veterinarian’s cat? Maybe she posted a photo on the clinic’s Facebook page, and you would love to give her a customized necklace of Felix. We’ve got you! We can customize accessories, hoodies, canvas, and t-shirts. 

ZIP Hoodiescustom gifts for world veterinary day I Love Veterinary

gifts for world veterinary day zip hoodies, I Love Veterinary

Hoodies are great for those rainy and cold days, and we have lots of designs to choose from for any veterinary staff member. A fantastic way to make someone smile!

Desk nameplates or Door signs

gifts for world veterinary desk name plate, I Love Veterinary day

Are there any door signs or desk nameplates in your veterinarian’s office? Our beautiful nameplates and door signs are customizable, handmade, and come in different sizes. They are an excellent present to say thank you!

How to celebrate World Veterinary Day?

Celebrate World Veterinary day by spending some quality time with your pets and give them some extra love!

Show your admiration for the hard work your local veterinary practice does to promote the welfare and well-being of animals by buying them a gift, saying thank you, and bringing them their favorite sweets.  

If you work in a veterinary practice, make sure to congratulate everyone on their day and take some extra time to thank all your co-workers for being the voice for the voiceless. 


Every day is an opportunity to practice gratitude for all the beautiful things and people in your life. World Veterinary Day is a special occasion to thank your veterinarian and all the staff for looking after your beloved friend. 

If you decide to purchase a gift from our online store, we will make sure to deliver the best customer service and help you choose the best present for your pet’s doctor!

Find out more about it and read our article about World Veterinary Day 2020.