Top Rated Homemade Dog Food Recipe Books

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Cooking! Some of us love it; some of us avoid it at all costs. For those who do love to stir, mix, and whip, what is it about cooking that draws you to it? 

Is it because you like to create something others enjoy, or is it because you feel it’s healthier. Both of these reasons can be what causes you to decide to start home cooking for your dog.

First, make sure which ingredients can your dog eat by reading our article Can dogs eat…?

Why You Should Become a Pet Chef for Your Dog 

So you decided to home cook for your dog. Why? One reason might be because it’s healthier, you know what your dog is getting, or they have a dietary issue you need to adhere to. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to understand that this is not a simple task. 

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You need to research proper pet diets to make sure you include their vitamins and meet all their nutritional needs. Luckily commercial dog food formulates and researches all of that for us. But, for those other owners who can and want to go a step beyond, there are many outlets you can turn to. 

Books! Just like for us, there are many recipe books you can read to help you fuel Fido as best as possible. Read below on our top contenders.

Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs: Maximizing Health with Whole Foods, Not Drugs 

Best food-related treatment recipes.

First on our list is Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM’s book on a holistic Chinese medicinal approach to treating disease through food. Dr. Judy explains how she feels the commercial food industry has let pet owners down during lectures. She also dives into different ways to treat your dog’s body from within vs. western medicine. 

Features we love:

  • It comes in both paperback and Kindle versions.
  • Comes with illustrations.
  • Has unique disease targeted recipes. 
  • Written by a DVM.

Features we aren’t so crazy about: 

  • Has a lot of raw diet recipes.
  • The font is very small to read.

Home Cooking for Your Dog: 75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog

Most User Friendly.

Looking for a book that combines treats, raw diets, and cooked meals? Then look no further. This book, written by Christine Filardi, uses fun illustrations, complete with headnotes and cooking tips. There are also anecdotes from the author that showed how she was able to transition her dogs from a commercial to a homemade diet. 

Features we love:

  • Proceeds support animal rescue.
  • Fun alliteration meal names.
  • Uses easy-to-get ingredients. 

Features we aren’t so crazy about:

  • Serving sizes are confusing.
  • The recipes are somewhat complicated.
  • Not all ingredients are well-liked by dogs.

Easy Dog Food Recipes: 60 Healthy Dishes to Feed Your Pet Safely

Best overall price. 

If you’re looking to understand food labels better, then this book may be a good fit. It not only gives 60 healthy and easy homemade dog food recipes. It also includes diagrams to figure out the proper serving size and ways to decipher food labels. 

Features we love:

  • The diagrams.
  • Food label breakdown.
  • Ways to avoid harmful ingredients.
  • Serving size from a small dog to a giant breed.
  • Great price.

Features we aren’t so crazy about:

  • Includes lots of fillers that may not be allergy-friendly.
  • Large portions could be wasteful.

Feed Your Best Friend Better: Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats for Dogs

Best mixed homemade and commercial food book.

This book is great if you’re looking to combine feeding your dog commercial dog food as well as homemade dog food. For some, it may not be an easy feat to strictly meal prep and become your pooches’ private chef. 

This book will discuss 85 recipes from full meals to treats and tips on picking the best commercial dog food. Another neat feature is that it also touches upon behavioral issues that some picky eaters may face. 

Features we love:

  • Portion control tips.
  • Tips for picking out commercial dog food.
  • Takes owners into account (regarding smell and taste).

Features we aren’t so crazy about:

  • Lots of contradicting ingredients. 

Dr. Becker’s Real Food For Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Homemade Food

Most informative.

Many of you have both dogs and cats at home. So if you’re going to cook for your pup, why not your feline friend too? If so, this book luckily includes real food guidelines for both cats and dogs. 

This book includes easy to find ingredients, tapped in with specific chapters breaking down what your pet’s diet should consist of. It includes meats, vitamins, vegetables, and fruits for a well-balanced nutritional plan. 

Features we love:

  • Both cat and dog recipes.
  • Written by a DVM.
  • Lots of content.

Features we aren’t so crazy about: 

  • It’s more guidelines than actual recipes. 

The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook: Homemade Goodies for Man’s Best Friend 

Best homemade dog treat cookbook.

The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook is the correct name for this eye-friendly read. Equipt with treats for all different occasions to help spoil our four-legged friends. It is offering 50 veterinarian-approved recipes that are organized into chapter categories. It even has a chapter for dogs with special needs. 

Features we love:

  • The special needs chapter.
  • The colorful illustrations.
  • It suggests what tools you will need. 
  • It comes in hardcover, Kindle, or paperback.

Features we aren’t so crazy about:

  • Some questionable ingredients.
  • The hardcover version is pricey.

Dog Nutrition and Cookbook: The Simple Guide to Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Most detailed 

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of dog nutrition, then this book is probably your best bet. It is packed with information regarding commercial dog diets, what ingredients dogs need most, tricks to make mealtime positive, easy recipes that are cost-effective, meal prepping directions, and nutritional needs for different ages and breeds. 

Features we love:

  • Lots of information.
  • Easy to follow recipes.
  • Offers information of proper portion control.

Features we aren’t so crazy about:

  • It can be boring if you are not into dog nutrition.
  • Has more information than recipes. 
  • Recipes require long cooking times that may not be suitable for some owners.

Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised Edition: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals 

Best raw food diet cookbook.

Many owners out there feel dogs are best fed raw diets because it’s the most natural. If this is you, then this book may be what you’re looking for. This book is backed on the history of dogs and even covers pregnancy and neonate diets. This author highlights why this diet is preferred to others by backing it with research. 

Features we love:

  • Comes in 2 different versions (Kindle and paperback).
  • Thorough but easy to follow.
  • Audiobook option. 

Features we aren’t so crazy about:

  • Contradictions with raw diets.
  • Must add supplements that you cannot always find.
  • Not for a new dog owner who doesn’t have lots of experience with dog food.

Dinner for Dogs: 50 Home-Cooked Recipes for a Happy, Healthy Dog 

Best meal prep homemade cookbook. 

This book is designed to tackle meals for everyday use for your dog. Just like us, we look forward to breakfast, lunch, and dinner and what it entails. This book allows for different options for each meal to ensure your dog is getting the proper nutrition at different times of the day. It even offers treat recipes and advice on properly reading labels and managing portions and caloric needs. 

Features we love:

  • Has three different versions (Kindle, paperback, hardcover).
  • Offers balanced diets for different meals.

Features we aren’t crazy about: 

  • Lacks the vitamin supplementations needed for dogs.

EASY HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPES: 55+ DIY healthy homemade dog food and treats recipes

Best book if you’re looking for grain-free.

This book is equipped with 55 healthy homemade dog food recipes. It also has treat options as well as grain-free varieties. It offers techniques to show how you can meal prep for your dog to avoid slaving in the kitchen day in and day out. All the nutritional requirements are included within each recipe, so you don’t have to worry if your dog is getting proper, well-rounded, balanced meals. 

Features we love: 

  • Easy to follow for all levels of cooking.
  • Recipes are fast and easy.
  • Good price.

Features we aren’t crazy about: 

  • Grain-free is contraindicated.

Real Food for Dogs: 50 Vet-Approved Recipes for a Healthier Dog

Simplest option.

This book is a simple, easy read that cuts right into the top 3 foods for your dogs, treats, meat, or fish. This makes it easy to follow and to find the ingredients needed for the recipes. Coming with cute illustrations and names that incorporate alliteration, it is sure to please many dog owners. It even offers tips on how to prepare the dog food, as well as hygienic needs for yourself. 

Features we love:

  • Simple and clear to understand.
  • A lot of variety.
  • Good for beginners.

Features we aren’t crazy about: 

  • Lacks portion control for dog weight.
  • No charts.
  • Lacks serving size.
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Becoming a doggy chef is no easy feat. It takes time, patience, and lots of practice to manifest the perfect meal for your pup. When tackling diabetes, weight gain, allergies, or sensitive stomachs, it may be best to cook for them. Having a valid, veterinary approved, and easy to follow cookbook can make all the difference to your everyday kitchen trip.