Celebrating Vet Tech Appreciation Week

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This year the National Veterinary Technician Week will be held on October 15-21 2023.

Vet Tech Week History

Vet Tech Appreciation Week or National Vet Tech Week represents an annual tradition of celebrating the Vet Tech profession. For now, this vet tech week is celebrated only in the US, but as the profession grows each year, it won’t be a miracle if other countries join the celebration as well.

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The tradition started in June 1993 when a resolution by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians (NAVTA) was passed. With this resolution, every third week in October was declared as a National Vet Tech Week.

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NAVTA supports Vet Tech Week by providing media kits, including event ideas, preparation suggestions, sample proclamations, sample press releases, and public service announcements. You can find all these materials on the NAVTA website.

How is Vet Tech Week Celebrated?

During this week, veterinary technicians and their colleagues (veterinarians, assistants, vet nurses, etc.) organize and plan events not just for celebratory purposes but much more than that.

The fundamental and main goals of Vet Tech Week are to give information to the public by educating them on what a veterinary technician does. Further on, reinforcing the professionalism that veterinary technicians across America have and developing the higher value of the profession.

You can share this video on your social media and wish A Happy Vet Tech Appreciation Week to all the Vet Techs you know!

Through activities and mutual support, this is a great chance for vet techs to work on team building and encourage each other for self-development in the future.

During Vet Tech Appreciation Week, veterinary technicians can educate each other on how to build a more professional relationship with the rest of their colleagues and veterinary professionals in order to bring veterinary medicine to a higher level.

Vet Tech Week Unofficial Anthem 

In 2015, Kelsey Beth Carpenter, an RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) from San Francisco recorded a song that is considered to be the unofficial anthem of Vet Tech Appreciation Week.

The song goes something like: “…people say I’d love to have your job, ‘cos you just play with puppies all day long…” Well, you might guess in which direction the lyrics go afterward. You can listen to the song here:

Except for being a great event where vet techs can feel appreciated and cherished, it’s also a necessity for the rest of the people to show how grateful they are for the work veterinary technicians do.

They are crucial to the everyday veterinary clinical practice and preserving animal welfare and health as best as they can. If human health care has nurses, anesthesiologists, radiation technologists, laboratory technologists, respiratory therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists, in veterinary medicine we have all of those in one – Veterinary Technicians.

So we can just say a big THANK YOU to vet techs around the world! Please remain the same everyday heroes that you were born to be!

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You can also download this National Veterinary Technician Week cover photo to use on your social media for the upcoming vet tech appreciation week.

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Click on the picture or here and get the full-size cover photo and show appreciation to your Vet Techs!


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