Vet Tech Language

Vet Tech Language – an infographic.



hx – history
tx – treatment
sx – surgery
ROBO – rolled over by owner
BAR – bright, alert, responsive
WNL – within normal limits
NSF – no significant findings
ADR – Ain’t doin’ right
HBC – hit by car
NPO – nothing per os
ART – achieving room temp
HWT – heartworm test
HWP – heartworm prevention
N/C – new client or no charge
TGH – to go home
RTG – ready to go
DMITO – dog more intelligent than owner
OWB – (Written on patient’s records) Owner will bite
WPWW – Will Poop Without Warning
TTJ- transfer to jesus
Princess or precious = sos or spawn of Satan
SBI- something bad inside
Sunshine club – difficult clients
M.A.I – money an issue
AG – anal gland expression
TNT – nail trim
Snow White – а female client with LOTS of small children with her


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